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Well its christmas time again, and this year is extra special for us as it is mine and my boyfriends first year in our own flat. Obviously we wanted to decorate our place but we were also on a budget.
We decided to go to Ikea and there we got most of our decorations, you can see a selection of their Christmas stock HERE!:

It took us a long time to agree on a tree I like simple minimalist style and i like real trees! however my boyfriend prefers fake (hate the needles falling off of real trees) and likes tinsel and coloured lights and all the rest. Our compromise was to get a fake tree but keep the decorations simple. We purchased our tree on sale at €35 (half price) from Tesco as well as 100 blue LED fairy light for €5.50 (which were then put around the window... this has turned out to be my favorite part of the decorations), and 200 Lv clear fairy lights for the tree at €10.00.
Last minute extras to finish off the decoration of the tree, were a top star and candy canes from the €1.50 shop and two packs of baubles from Penneys (from €1.50-€3.00 for basic baubles):

I also have two extra special decorations from a friend, one is from 2006 when she brought all of our friends small frame decorations, mine is a renideer with a picture of us in it. The other is from this year which she made herself... I think its a lovely way of giving someone a special gift at christmas and even better than giving out the dreaded xmas cards. People always apreciate the thought and effort of home made gifts:

Our finished decorating:

Here's a song to get you all in the Christmas mood!!


We all know that we're supposed to drink around 2 litres of water a day,(about 8 glasses)and its effects can be great not only for your body but there are also beauty benefits.

Now I regret to say that I am unfortunately one of the many people who do not drink enough water or anything else for that matter, even though it is so widely available (its free out of our taps for god sake). I have never been someone who drank a lot especially when I was young, I just never feel thirsty or seem to involve it in my day. At the moment I would be lucky to have a pint of water a day,(NOT GOOD!)and it is so necessary for our health therefore I am going to try and change my ways.

I will be deliberately drinking as much as I can of one particular type of water- Ballygowan pure Irish still water that supports breast cancer awareness by the Marie Keating foundation. Firstly because its Irish of course and secondly because breast cancer is very close to my heart, and even something small like buying a bottle of water is contributing to a breast cancer related charity, and I will be doing my part to promote it! 

You can find more information about Ballygowan Pink... HERE!

Hello to Everyone!

So I've decided to jump on the bandwagon, I've tried to blog before on different subjects which didn't interest me as much and therefore i gave up pretty quickly... this time is going to be different!
Please bare with me as I am getting to know how it all works, and still not sure about the set up.

Expect to see beauty related/ product reviews and a bit of love and life thrown in as well!!

Hope you all will enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing,

Hannah x
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