Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sharing the Love

I thought today I would share with you the people who inspired me to start my blog, and the blog's and YouTube-ers I love!

1. Miss Budget Beauty: 
Khila was the first YouTuber I ever started watching I came across her channel when searching for a home hair dye, and since then I have watched all her videos and also found her blog. Her blog is what gave me the confidence to start mine. You can find her HERE!

2. Sprinkle of Glitter:
If you ever need cheering up Louise is your girl! she is fun and bubbly, and has great tips at the same time. You can find her HERE!

3. Beaut.ie:
Kirstie and Aisling started this blog, its grown and taken over great reviews, giveaways, advice and now books! Personally I think these girls should be running the country. If your Irish and don't no this blog Shame on you!! You can find the girls and many more HERE!

4. The SacconeJolys and Anna Saccone:
I put these two Youtube channels together because LeFloofTV (HERE!) is a daily Vlog channel by The Saccone Joly's aka Jofus and Anna, This is real life and shows the couple during their daily routine its like watching a Cork big brother. Anna has her own Channel The Style Diet (HERE!) which is also brilliant for Makeup, clothing and organisational tips! Also They found out recently that Anna is Pregnant so Congratulations to you both!

5. Bubblegarm:
If your looking for a creative person who also has a great blog and amazing reviews this is the one for you! Basically an amazing Blog! you can find her HERE!

Hope you all share the Love, If I don't know you please comment and leave your blog below so I can find some more brilliant bloggers! Hope your all having a good Day! :)

Tag, My boyfriend doing my makeup!

The first thing you should know about Shane is that he is a bit of a perfectionist. This was very funny, he kept saying ouch like he was hurting me. I thought it was going to be awful by the way he was applying it but actually it wasn't bad... his excuse "I've watched you getting ready too many times!" So here's how he did it:

And this was the final look:
I don't think its actually that bad apart from the purple eye shadow up to my eyebrow's LOL! 
So what do you think? I tag you all!

Makeup in order used:
Natural Collection, Corrector stick (Green)
Gosh x-ceptional wear foundation (11 Porcelain) 
Rimmel Powder blush (012 Coral Rose)
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks (Pink Cloud)
ELF Beauty Book (Smokey eye edition)
MUA eye shadow (shade 16- Matt)
Avon true colour (electric purple)
Collection 2000 Longer lash (black 1)
Collection 2000 Lasting colour lipstick (Vintage Rose)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

What to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day

Part two of the Valentines gifting posts, so girls this ones for you if you need any suggestions. I know I always find it ridiculously hard to think of presents for Shane on Valentines, Luckily for me he does like his fair share of cheese so I can do the whole buying those tasty mini chocolate hearts and things. For some of you though its just one of those occasions where you don't want to be over mushy because some guys aren't into all that cheesy romantic stuff, you don't want to get them something to cheesy so what do you get. I hope this isn't to similar to the girls one and hope it helps you out. If you can think of any I've not thought of then please comment, cause I love your input!! :)

Valentines Day presents FOR HIM:

1. Goodies and Chocoholics:
Why not make up a Goodies bag for your man to keep him entertained for the day. You could fill a bag with chocolate lollys, mini hearts, macaroons, Strawberry bonbons etc etc... Its Valentines themed and will keep him sweet.

2. Scrapbook:
This is a lovely idea for any couples that have been together awhile, or maybe if you're recently married you could make it into a timeline of your relationship (not that i'm not saying anyone could do this cause you could, I just think this is one for the full on Love birds type... aawwww!!). Cute captions, Photo's, memorabilia, added extras like stickers etc... could make a really cute alternative to the popular photo in a frame. Paperchase have really nice scrapbooks and other Valentines products you can find them HERE! 
You can find this Scrapbook HERE!

3. Underwear:
This was number 9 on the what to get HER post. Now when I say underwear I don't mean boxers for him I mean underwear for you for him! Alot of men won't care that its really a present for you when they see what you have brought. More info on this see the what to get your girlfriend for Valentines Day post HERE!

4. Glossybox for Men:
I don't need to tell you girls about Glossybox i'm sure you all already know, but they recently launched a male box. A brilliant idea for all those jealous boyfriends who have been watching you unwrap your box. Now its not a monthly box like the girls instead its quarterly and its £15 +P&P but it does have 7samples. But don't forget you can unsubscribe at anytime so you might want to only get him one, its up to you! You can find out more information or Subscribe HERE!

5. Quirky Valentines:
There's more options for quirky gifts than you could possibly ever wish for, Whether its heart shaped pasta, Personalized hip flask, or a hugging cushion (not mentioning any of the rude options) then this site has it! It is an English site but does ship, you can find it HERE!
You can find the Love pasta HERE!

6. Personalized Heineken:
What more could a man ever want than a bottle of beer with his name all over it! Heineken have a great section on their website where you can make and personalize your own bottles, you get 6 for €17.99 + P&P (don't forget you have to be over 18, sorry to point out the obvious) This is a great idea for the beer mad men out there I know Shane would love this if presented it. You can find it HERE!

7. Gaming:
Another very manly present for those that won't be into the mushy love stuff, remind him you love him by giving him a game. My boyfriend drives me mad with the Xbox and I do like to complain about it quite a lot so I know he would very surprised if I got him a game, So show your love! GameStop and HMV have a great range of games. 

8. Tokens/Vouchers:
I'm not talking about gift cards for certain shops I'm talking vouchers with things like, 1 voucher to be redeemed for a massage, or the washing up etc etc... They can be hand made on the computer and so on, or you can buy them in shops. You can find them in most big stationary or book shops. This gives your man a way out of doing chores or getting his own way as a gift. 

9. A Day Out:
You might not necessarily want to do this on Valentines day itself but maybe a weekend. There's loads of couple appropriate days out for everyone including things like Go carting, 4 wheel drives, boating trips, painting balling, Dinner for two... and more, you find them HERE! If nothing else it might give you some inspiration. 
You can find this HERE!

10. The box:
Lastly is what I will be doing for Shane this year. I won't give away exactly what I'm putting in my box encase he reads this. But why not just grab a box wrap it in some nice paper and fill it with lots of goodies, his favorite foods, DVD's, magazines, Drink, Basically a mixture of all sorts of treats. you could go expensive or cheap depending on your budget. Good luck everyone!

Friday, 27 January 2012

What to get your girlfriend for Valentines Day

So With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought I would do too posts one FOR HER, one FOR HIM...
So this is for all the boyfriends out there that need a bit of helping finding a gift for their girlfriend, girls this is also your opportunity to leave this open on your mans computer and hope he gets the hint! 
I went a bit crazy and had so many ideas so I have managed to get a top ten:

Valentines Day presents FOR HER:

1. Flowers and Chocolates:
The classic Valentines Gift

2. Quirky Jewelry:
Cheap and cheerful quirky jewelry is a definite option big hearts etc... You have loads of options for places to find the perfect piece from high street stores and online. HERE! is a pair I found on ASOS... super cute for only £5

3. Bath time:
Another popular option for Valentines is body products, stuff for the bath etc... Lush and The body are both great they do packages so all you have to do is pop in a pick one up. Just make sure your girlfriends skin isn't sensitive to anything you don't want any bad reactions. If in doubt go into the store and pick up a gift card, I would suggest The body shop they have both makeup and body products.

4. The Little Black Dress:
If your going out for a meal on the night why not surprise her with a classic LBD for her to wear out. you can find the perfect dress to fit any size and girls style, I suggest ASOS for good quality and fast delivery... They also have a sale on right now. HERE! is one I found

5. A Handbag:
A girls best friend of course is here handbag and there's no better way of getting into her good books. You could buy a handbag from pretty much anywhere and there's so many on the high street which could cater for any budget. A popular option at the moment is Cath Kidson so why not get your girlfriend a romantic print bag, you can get it HERE! online right now!

6. A Book:
If your girls a book worm what better present is there. You could go for a popular makeup or fashion book or a traditional chick flick I would recommend anything by Cecelia Ahern or this book which I'm reading at the minute 'One Day'. You can find it at any reputable book shop or HERE! at Easons online.

7.DVD's - ROMCOM or classic romance:
An obvious option of course is the DVD or DVD's depending on your budget. Self explanatory go for what your girlfriend likes, one I brought recently and a good option for Valentines is 'Love and Other Drugs' you can get it HERE! from HMV

8.For the Makeup lovers:
Makeup is a great idea for those girlfriends who are obsessed especially if your one of the beauty bloggers men out there. You can also pick up gift cards if your not sure what to get or shop online. Here's two suggestions:
Mac lipstick relatively cheap at £13.50 (on the UK site) this is a good option there's lots of colours to choose from and you can be guaranteed your girlfriend will be delighted! you can find mac lipsticks HERE!

Makeup brushes, a must have for all girls. This is a particularly lovely set which I really want too at the moment a bit pricey but you get what you pay for and it comes in this pink holder (very appropriate!) This set is from Sigma and you can find it HERE!

A tricky one please please guys do not buy your girlfriend underwear if you do not know her size, either way you are going to insult her. This is a present which can benefit you both and is therefore not a very surprising option. If you are going for this cater to what your girlfriend likes if you know she prefers simple, not over the top underwear go for a nice silk plain design in a soft pink. If you know your girlfriends a bit more adventurous then you can't really go wrong pick something you'd like to see her in. One tip is when shes not looking take a look in the cupboard and find out exactly what her sizes are this prevents and problems when buying and she'll be impressed you've payed attention. If your a bit nervous of going into the shops to buy underwear why not shop online. La senza have really nice options for everyone and nearer the time will definitely have more Valentines inspired wears. 

10. Last but not least is the engagement ring:
This not surprisingly had to be added to this list as it is the day for romance. My advice to the men out there considering this option is keep it simple white gold is a really popular option at the moment and a cheap alternative to platinum. Most women like a simple one stone and there are a variety of cuts out there. Ask the shop assistant for help, your buying a ring they will definitely help with any advice or queries. Another nice option is a three stone ring, and there are a lot of vintage looking rings able at the moment if that's what your girlfriend likes. The average spent on a ring these days is anywhere between €1,500-2,000, personally I wouldn't expect anything over that I just think that would be a bit ridiculous. Try mulitple jewelers you might find something nice, and they do vary in price ranges. If this is what your planning for valentines Good luck!! 
I am in no way suggesting anyone spends anywhere near as much as this ring costs just choose to show it to you because its called 'Hannah' aaaawwww! you can find it HERE!

Post Requests?

Hey all,
Really sorry I've not done much blogging this week. I've been super crazy busy! but come 5 tonight i should be able to do some more posts. I was just wondering if anyone had any requests?? 
Hope you've all had a good week!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nail Varnish Storage

Nail Varnishes are so annoying to store and they can end up taking up loads of room if like me you have loads and you don't store them efficiently. I used to just store mine by keeping them in a box but I prefer having them out and on show i'm more likely to keep doing my nails and choosing different colours when I can see them. Recently I went to Ikea and brought a vase (I think it was about €2) which I was storing them in. 

But this wasn't big enough for all of them and also it didn't look as nice as I thought it was going to. Shane saved the day when he started buying a different brand of coffee which had really nice jars, he was buying them and bringing one to work and leaving one at home. When he had finished the jar he would bring it home to me and I would then wash it and remove any stickers and this is now what I put my nail varnishes in! I have one jar for each colour (for example all the pink nail varnishes go in one jar and all the blues in another).

Now as you can see I added some ribbon and sequin ribbon to add an extra decoration to the jar, this is how I did it:

How do you store your nail varnish? 

Monday, 23 January 2012

A thumbs up to Beaut.ie nails

So as always love goes out to the beaut.ie girls for posting this

Go the post by clicking HERE!

When I needed an idea for some nail art recently I knew exactly where to go to look for some, beaut.ie of course! I stumbled across this and was delighted... It was really hard to do on my own nails so I would suggest you getting someone to do it for you or buying some plain fake nails and painting it on them before applying. So here's how I got on:
I changed it up a bit by using the pink instead of white. I achieved the look by first painting my whole nail in the pink, before then using the black nail varnish wiping off as much of the paint as I could before then marking out the design. I next filled in the black areas before applying a top coat. 
Products I used were:
1. Essence colour to & go in no.59 black is black
2. Barry M Nail Pain in no. 279 Bright Pink
3. Essence top coat

What do you think?

Fashion Challenge Day 7...

Day 7. An article of clothing that you made or altered:

I went to Limerick College of Art and Design after my leaving cert and I did some fashion. I had previous experience and a love of clothing and fashion, so I already had lots of skills going into it. 

These are two outfits I made. the first I named Fushia fun as you can tell it was inspired by the flower Fushia. The second Tutty Fruity took me a long time to come together and a series of drawings which then became designs, before this was produced. 

These were obviously made a good few years ago now, but please feel free to comment and let me no what you think!?!?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fashion Challenge Day 6...

Day 6.  An outfit you are ashamed to say you wore:

Now over the years there has been more than a few outfits I have been ashamed of, However they have either not been photographical recorded (thank god!) or thrown away. So I choose two photographs of those that I could find. In the last few years I haven't rely had that many wardrobe mishaps in my opinon, but im sure in years to come i'll look back and think they were awful, so something to look forward to!

Ok outfit number 1, of course I had to include a very young self to show the terrible outfits that were available when I was young. Definitely not the worst thing I have worn either. I don't think this outfit needs much explanation to why its in this post... Yellow, cartoon flowers, Sunglasses on a string, Pink hat, enough said!  
Outfit number 2, is from back in 2007 also pretty self explanatory. Please excuse a much younger me who was not that interested in makeup and thoroughly drunk. White trousers on a night out big mistake, white trousers teamed with a matching white cardigan also big mistake. and the pink top was an awful I look bad in halternecks anyway but it kept falling down and I had to keep hitching it up, and as more drink was consumed the more I forgot to keep hitching it up, bra fully on show... utter embarrasment!

So that's it my outfits i'm ashamed to say I wore! Please comment below with your embarrassing outfits...

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fashion Challenge Day 5...

Day 5.      An outfit you wish you had:

1. ASOS Sexy Belted Wrap Top With Studding
2. Sam Edelman Renzo Leather Studded Shoe Boot
RRP £217.00

3. ASOS Supersoft Black Ultra Skinny Jeans #11


4. Pilgrim Multi Chain Charm Necklace

RRP £29.99

5. Paul's Boutique Sasha Satchel

6. ASOS Anodised Cross Bracelet
NOW £5.00

I Love ASOS.com its so easy to use and has a great selection of clothes, I especially love ASOS when there's a sale on!! They have clothing that you might not necessarily find on the high street at affordable prices its also great if like me you haven't had the time or been well enough to venture around the shops recently. Anyway Challenge of the day was to find an outfit I wish I had and this is it! Not so sure the bag goes with it but I like it so sod it! However this has made me very very jealous that I can't afford to buy this clothing :(

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Garnier Daily all in one B.B. Cream

Recently In a magazine I saw an advert for Garniers BB cream stating that if you went on their website they would send you out a sample... excellent i thought as I had wanted to give it a try for ages but didn't want to fork out the money for something if I wasn't sure it would work. 

Garnier says that the BB cream "Evens, covers, illuminates, hydrates and protects" sounds good to me it also has SPF15 which is always an added bonus. The samples I got were of a good size I got about two applications from each sachet which meant I potted them to keep them fresh. The samples came in a little booklet which was great, it gave all the information I needed to know about the product as well as €1 (or £1) off. 

I applied it to my skin with my fingers, it really stretched far I didn't need much product at all. The colour however is supposed to be 'Light' and I found it to still be a bit to dark for my skin (If only they had a fair/ or extra light). I use a night moisturizer and if I repurchase I definitely would still use this as I have dry patches and I don't think this would be as moisturizing as I need by itself. I do think it did even out my skin tone but I would still use my concealer on top. I don't feel like it illuminated my skin if anything it added a bit to much sheen and I would use a powder to hold it in place. 

I am really considering purchasing this! I think its a great product especially for people like me who are looking to cut down on using foundation all the time. It gives me just enough coverage and I can use concealer where needed. It would also be good as a moisturizer for anyone who just needs that extra something before applying their foundation. 

So Here's what it looks like on:

Finished Look:
This is using the BB cream, Collection 2000 sheer loose powder, High beam, Naked palette, Avon supercurlacious Mascara, 2true 3in1 Concealer.

So what do you think? 

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