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Boyfriend Tag





A few people have been doing the boyfriend tag recently and as my name is LOVE, Life, and makeup I thought this would give you a bit more of an insight into our relationship. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
(To make it easier to read, Shanes comments will be in Blue and mine Pink... stereotypical I know, we did this separately and then pasted them together encase you think its repetitive that's why)


Boyfriend Tag:
1. Where did we first meet?
We first met on a ski trip at st marks school, London, before you moved back to Ireland 
Before I moved to Ireland I went to Secondary School in London and we met on a Ski Trip in 2006 and Shane was two years above me in school. 

2. What was our first Date?
We didn’t really have a first date, but probably when I first came to visit you
Shane flew over to visit me we didn't rely have a first date more of a weekend we had a take away and watched Dvd's and talked.

3. Did you know I was the one?
Yes I knew you were the one from the very minute we met
Yer I knew when we first met in 2006

 4.What was your first impression?
Gorgeous, lovely, friendly and someone I can see myself with forever
Funny, friendly, and rely genuinely nice and i knew he was the one straight away on the first day.

5.When did you meet my family?
First met your dad at Easter when I flew into to meet him for the first time
Shane first met my Dad when we got back from skiing in School and then the first time when we were officially together was when he flew to my home town to stay for Easter. The first time I met his family was when i went to stay with them for our first Christmas together.

6. Do we have a tradition?
We have a nice roast dinner every Sunday together
Yer We have our roast dinner every Sunday and certain Tv programmes that we have to watch every week, like Big Bang theory, how I met your mother, cookery shows, and others.

            7.What was our first road trip?
26 hours on a coach to Austria skiing when we first met
It was when we went skiing and it was a rely long trip and we fell asleep on each other on the way home. 

8.Who said I love you first and where were we?
 I think I said it first and in your first flat
It was Shane and he said it to me when we were talking online when we first got together.

9.      9.What do we argue about most?
Stupid things that need to be done around the flat, nothing important
We don't rely argue that much but if we do its usually about something to do with the housework

10.Who wears the trousers in the relationship?
I would properly say I do

11.What do I watch on Tv?
You like to watch Big Bang Theory, how I met your mother (in bed with me) and Gimore Girls
I like to watch a lot of Crap, cooking and cake programme's, style or fashion related tv, and lots of commedy and we watch one episode of How I met your mother every night before bed.

12.What dressing do I have on a salad?
I Love Ceaser salad... Yummy!!

13.What food don’t I like?
Kiwi (allergic), parsnip,
I don't like tomatoes but i would eat them if put in front of me and any meat thats not well done!! also im allergic to liquorice and Kiwis

14. When we go out to eat what would I eat?
Ceaser salad, steak, many different things (ferreo roche cheesecake)
Anything rely if something catches my eye, traditional, nothing rely spicy 

15.If I was collecting anything what would it be?
Makeup (nail varnishes and other makeup)
I have a lot of nail varnishes, and im trying to collect more makeup, As a couple we collect absolut vodka bottles and comedy box set DVDs

16.What is my favorite sandwich?
Tuna and sweetcorn or southern fried chicken
Tuna!! or at the moment I like a hot chicken roll with red onion and mixed peppers its amazing!

17.What would I eat everyday if I could?
Probably my chicken roll

18.What is my favourite cereal?
Cheerios or crunchy nut corn flakes
19.What is my favourite music?
Pop or anything that sounds good
Anything rely i like all music, 90's and 80's and probably my favorites 

 20.What is my eye colour?
Greeny/ Hazel

21.Who is my best friend?
Sarah even though i don't get to see her very often anymore because she lives in England :(

22.What is something I do you wish I didn't?
Make a mess (Especially leaving school work and clothes on the floor)
I'm a student teacher and i annoy Shane by leaving Marking everywhere and my paperwork, something he does that annoys me is his OCD over checking that he's set his alarm for the morning (he checks it 10 times before going to sleep, then during the night if he wakes up!)

23.What could I do all day long?
Watch Tv, Youtube and read blogs, whilst staying in bed hahaha!!

24.What unique talent do I have?
Folding the tongue into three
My unique talent is curling my tongue and i can also fold it. Shane's unique talent is making me laugh even if i'm trying to be serious or if we're having a argument.


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