Thursday, 12 January 2012

Christmas Haul!

So I've noticed a lot of beauty bloggers are showing what they got for Christmas etc. I didn't want to show everything I got as it just doesn't seem necessary but I will show you the beauty side of things, this also gives me a chance to show you swatches. I just want to point out as well I didn't get all this for Christmas a lot of it I got just before the holidays.

sorry about the battered box. This is like a mini kit from Smashbox to take you from a day to night.
Included is:
1. A two sided makeup bag (am and pm)
2. A full sized photo finish primer
3. Mini 0.5ml photo finish lid primer
4. A full sized smashbox lip enchancing gloss- sheer colour- in Scoop
5. Trio eye shaddow -in Day to Date
6. Highlighter and Blush in ....

This is the perfect kit to throw into your handbag on a night out. I love every single product, surprisingly they are the right colours for me (as i'm very pale I find it hard to pick up a kit without there being something that doesn't suit me). The only thing I don't like about this kit is the lip gloss, I love the colour and its not to sticky. My only problem with it is that its a plumper, I don't dislike lip plumper's I just find them uncomfortable.
I will probly have a separate blog post for a full review of this box but for now its a huge thumbs up from me!

I have wanted this palette since it came out and I finally gave in on a trip to London over Xmas I had saved some spending money and wasn't sure what to buy so I splurged and brought this. I probably spent the same amount that I would have if i'd brought it at home as it retailed at £35 in house of fraiser, but I was away and wanted to treat myself.
By now I think the beauty world is tired of hearing about this product so I will just move on but if anyone requests any swatches just let me know and I will do a blog post. (sorry about the quality of the photograph, I tried to re write the names of the shadows in over the top)

I have been searching for the perfect lipstick for a long time now. I have never been able to find the right colour for me till now. This i picked up at the airport from benefit, whom are fast becoming my favorite. 
I got this duty free for £11 bargain!! in the colour Jing-a-ling. This lipstick is sheer but with loads of colour, it rely fits its name as its very silky and luxurious. A definite re purchase for me!

This was a Christmas present and i love it! A great colour, long lasting and sparkly what more could you want. I'm not sure of the price as it was a present but i did see it in the last catalogue so it should still be available. This shade is called sequined turquoise. you can't quite see how sparkly it is from the picture but it really it amazing!
This is a palette to enhance eye colour there is also one for brown and blue eyes. I have green eyes so the hazel palette is perfect for me. It has two trios a soft and smokey. The colours are a range of greens and purples. I rely wanted to try this palette out and I clearly dropped enough hints as it was a Christmas present from my boyfriend. There will be a full review on this palette in the next couple of days including swatches. 

I brought this for myself just before Christmas for around €2. I love musky smells and white musk from body shop is one of my favorite fragrances, i hoped this would be a kind of cheap substitute. It is a nice smell and great value for moneys but perhaps a bit too sweet for me. 

I love love love this product!! I got a mini version in a magazine last summer and its handy for being out and about and also going away. I brought this full sized version so that i could decanter if need but the miniature does seem to be going on forever which makes me hope this will last ages as well. Perhaps a bit pricey but well worth it, its the best highlighter i have ever owned easy to apply, fashioned similar to a nail varnish with a built in brush. I apply it to my brow and cheek bones or where light would naturally fall. When blended it is a subtle sheen. I picked this full sized bottle up in duty free for €15.

I used to use this foundation a lot when I was in my mid-late teens. I would describe it as a light coverage but easily buildable. It is the only foundation that I can match to my very pale skin tone. I picked mine up in Ivory as this was the colour I used before, however it is also now available in lighter shades when it was re launched last year. I may be tempted to try a lighter shade now. Whats great about this foundation is that it comes in yellow and pink tones so suitable for everyone. Easily blend-able, and great for people like me who has been broken out my other brands (mentioning no names) as this is so light. It is also great to add a bit of colour to a moisturizer to make your own tint if your looking to move away from using a foundation everyday. 

Just before Christmas I was in desperate need for a new mascara, I usually wouldn't buy a mascara that has plastic bristles. I'm just not a fan of the hedgehog style I feel like there very harsh on my lashes and I especially do not like the comb style mascara. However this mascara was a pleasant surprise and i'm so glad I gave it a go, the bristles are the rigid plastic style but they are smaller than the others I have seen. The smaller bristles grab a lot more mascara and therefore give more coverage to my lashes. I have long lashes but they are very dark at the base and very blonde from the tips so I never go without mascara as I feel I look boy like (even on a no make up day I still wear my mascara) this also means I like a very black colour and this ticks all the boxes for my mascara needs. 

I hope you enjoyed this post i will be following up with a couple of separate posts, but for now please feel free to comment or leave advice all welcome and would love to hear from you!

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