Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fashion Challenge Day 6...

Day 6.  An outfit you are ashamed to say you wore:

Now over the years there has been more than a few outfits I have been ashamed of, However they have either not been photographical recorded (thank god!) or thrown away. So I choose two photographs of those that I could find. In the last few years I haven't rely had that many wardrobe mishaps in my opinon, but im sure in years to come i'll look back and think they were awful, so something to look forward to!

Ok outfit number 1, of course I had to include a very young self to show the terrible outfits that were available when I was young. Definitely not the worst thing I have worn either. I don't think this outfit needs much explanation to why its in this post... Yellow, cartoon flowers, Sunglasses on a string, Pink hat, enough said!  
Outfit number 2, is from back in 2007 also pretty self explanatory. Please excuse a much younger me who was not that interested in makeup and thoroughly drunk. White trousers on a night out big mistake, white trousers teamed with a matching white cardigan also big mistake. and the pink top was an awful I look bad in halternecks anyway but it kept falling down and I had to keep hitching it up, and as more drink was consumed the more I forgot to keep hitching it up, bra fully on show... utter embarrasment!

So that's it my outfits i'm ashamed to say I wore! Please comment below with your embarrassing outfits...

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