Friday, 20 January 2012

Garnier Daily all in one B.B. Cream

Recently In a magazine I saw an advert for Garniers BB cream stating that if you went on their website they would send you out a sample... excellent i thought as I had wanted to give it a try for ages but didn't want to fork out the money for something if I wasn't sure it would work. 

Garnier says that the BB cream "Evens, covers, illuminates, hydrates and protects" sounds good to me it also has SPF15 which is always an added bonus. The samples I got were of a good size I got about two applications from each sachet which meant I potted them to keep them fresh. The samples came in a little booklet which was great, it gave all the information I needed to know about the product as well as €1 (or £1) off. 

I applied it to my skin with my fingers, it really stretched far I didn't need much product at all. The colour however is supposed to be 'Light' and I found it to still be a bit to dark for my skin (If only they had a fair/ or extra light). I use a night moisturizer and if I repurchase I definitely would still use this as I have dry patches and I don't think this would be as moisturizing as I need by itself. I do think it did even out my skin tone but I would still use my concealer on top. I don't feel like it illuminated my skin if anything it added a bit to much sheen and I would use a powder to hold it in place. 

I am really considering purchasing this! I think its a great product especially for people like me who are looking to cut down on using foundation all the time. It gives me just enough coverage and I can use concealer where needed. It would also be good as a moisturizer for anyone who just needs that extra something before applying their foundation. 

So Here's what it looks like on:

Finished Look:
This is using the BB cream, Collection 2000 sheer loose powder, High beam, Naked palette, Avon supercurlacious Mascara, 2true 3in1 Concealer.

So what do you think? 


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