Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nail Varnish Storage

Nail Varnishes are so annoying to store and they can end up taking up loads of room if like me you have loads and you don't store them efficiently. I used to just store mine by keeping them in a box but I prefer having them out and on show i'm more likely to keep doing my nails and choosing different colours when I can see them. Recently I went to Ikea and brought a vase (I think it was about €2) which I was storing them in. 

But this wasn't big enough for all of them and also it didn't look as nice as I thought it was going to. Shane saved the day when he started buying a different brand of coffee which had really nice jars, he was buying them and bringing one to work and leaving one at home. When he had finished the jar he would bring it home to me and I would then wash it and remove any stickers and this is now what I put my nail varnishes in! I have one jar for each colour (for example all the pink nail varnishes go in one jar and all the blues in another).

Now as you can see I added some ribbon and sequin ribbon to add an extra decoration to the jar, this is how I did it:

How do you store your nail varnish? 

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