Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sharing the Love

I thought today I would share with you the people who inspired me to start my blog, and the blog's and YouTube-ers I love!

1. Miss Budget Beauty: 
Khila was the first YouTuber I ever started watching I came across her channel when searching for a home hair dye, and since then I have watched all her videos and also found her blog. Her blog is what gave me the confidence to start mine. You can find her HERE!

2. Sprinkle of Glitter:
If you ever need cheering up Louise is your girl! she is fun and bubbly, and has great tips at the same time. You can find her HERE!

3. Beaut.ie:
Kirstie and Aisling started this blog, its grown and taken over great reviews, giveaways, advice and now books! Personally I think these girls should be running the country. If your Irish and don't no this blog Shame on you!! You can find the girls and many more HERE!

4. The SacconeJolys and Anna Saccone:
I put these two Youtube channels together because LeFloofTV (HERE!) is a daily Vlog channel by The Saccone Joly's aka Jofus and Anna, This is real life and shows the couple during their daily routine its like watching a Cork big brother. Anna has her own Channel The Style Diet (HERE!) which is also brilliant for Makeup, clothing and organisational tips! Also They found out recently that Anna is Pregnant so Congratulations to you both!

5. Bubblegarm:
If your looking for a creative person who also has a great blog and amazing reviews this is the one for you! Basically an amazing Blog! you can find her HERE!

Hope you all share the Love, If I don't know you please comment and leave your blog below so I can find some more brilliant bloggers! Hope your all having a good Day! :)


  1. love Miss Budget ebauty, she is one of my faves, she isnpired me to film too as she seems so normal and natural x

    1. Completely agree! seems like such a genuine nice person x


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