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What to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day

Part two of the Valentines gifting posts, so girls this ones for you if you need any suggestions. I know I always find it ridiculously hard to think of presents for Shane on Valentines, Luckily for me he does like his fair share of cheese so I can do the whole buying those tasty mini chocolate hearts and things. For some of you though its just one of those occasions where you don't want to be over mushy because some guys aren't into all that cheesy romantic stuff, you don't want to get them something to cheesy so what do you get. I hope this isn't to similar to the girls one and hope it helps you out. If you can think of any I've not thought of then please comment, cause I love your input!! :)

Valentines Day presents FOR HIM:

1. Goodies and Chocoholics:
Why not make up a Goodies bag for your man to keep him entertained for the day. You could fill a bag with chocolate lollys, mini hearts, macaroons, Strawberry bonbons etc etc... Its Valentines themed and will keep him sweet.

2. Scrapbook:
This is a lovely idea for any couples that have been together awhile, or maybe if you're recently married you could make it into a timeline of your relationship (not that i'm not saying anyone could do this cause you could, I just think this is one for the full on Love birds type... aawwww!!). Cute captions, Photo's, memorabilia, added extras like stickers etc... could make a really cute alternative to the popular photo in a frame. Paperchase have really nice scrapbooks and other Valentines products you can find them HERE! 
You can find this Scrapbook HERE!

3. Underwear:
This was number 9 on the what to get HER post. Now when I say underwear I don't mean boxers for him I mean underwear for you for him! Alot of men won't care that its really a present for you when they see what you have brought. More info on this see the what to get your girlfriend for Valentines Day post HERE!

4. Glossybox for Men:
I don't need to tell you girls about Glossybox i'm sure you all already know, but they recently launched a male box. A brilliant idea for all those jealous boyfriends who have been watching you unwrap your box. Now its not a monthly box like the girls instead its quarterly and its £15 +P&P but it does have 7samples. But don't forget you can unsubscribe at anytime so you might want to only get him one, its up to you! You can find out more information or Subscribe HERE!

5. Quirky Valentines:
There's more options for quirky gifts than you could possibly ever wish for, Whether its heart shaped pasta, Personalized hip flask, or a hugging cushion (not mentioning any of the rude options) then this site has it! It is an English site but does ship, you can find it HERE!
You can find the Love pasta HERE!

6. Personalized Heineken:
What more could a man ever want than a bottle of beer with his name all over it! Heineken have a great section on their website where you can make and personalize your own bottles, you get 6 for €17.99 + P&P (don't forget you have to be over 18, sorry to point out the obvious) This is a great idea for the beer mad men out there I know Shane would love this if presented it. You can find it HERE!

7. Gaming:
Another very manly present for those that won't be into the mushy love stuff, remind him you love him by giving him a game. My boyfriend drives me mad with the Xbox and I do like to complain about it quite a lot so I know he would very surprised if I got him a game, So show your love! GameStop and HMV have a great range of games. 

8. Tokens/Vouchers:
I'm not talking about gift cards for certain shops I'm talking vouchers with things like, 1 voucher to be redeemed for a massage, or the washing up etc etc... They can be hand made on the computer and so on, or you can buy them in shops. You can find them in most big stationary or book shops. This gives your man a way out of doing chores or getting his own way as a gift. 

9. A Day Out:
You might not necessarily want to do this on Valentines day itself but maybe a weekend. There's loads of couple appropriate days out for everyone including things like Go carting, 4 wheel drives, boating trips, painting balling, Dinner for two... and more, you find them HERE! If nothing else it might give you some inspiration. 
You can find this HERE!

10. The box:
Lastly is what I will be doing for Shane this year. I won't give away exactly what I'm putting in my box encase he reads this. But why not just grab a box wrap it in some nice paper and fill it with lots of goodies, his favorite foods, DVD's, magazines, Drink, Basically a mixture of all sorts of treats. you could go expensive or cheap depending on your budget. Good luck everyone!


  1. This is a fab post, I was a but stuck on what to get my boyfriend for valentines day but there's lots of great ideas here!

    1. Thank you! Hope it helped I had loads more idea's but had to narrow it down to ten otherwise I would of rambled on forever LOL :)


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