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What to get your girlfriend for Valentines Day

So With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought I would do too posts one FOR HER, one FOR HIM...
So this is for all the boyfriends out there that need a bit of helping finding a gift for their girlfriend, girls this is also your opportunity to leave this open on your mans computer and hope he gets the hint! 
I went a bit crazy and had so many ideas so I have managed to get a top ten:

Valentines Day presents FOR HER:

1. Flowers and Chocolates:
The classic Valentines Gift

2. Quirky Jewelry:
Cheap and cheerful quirky jewelry is a definite option big hearts etc... You have loads of options for places to find the perfect piece from high street stores and online. HERE! is a pair I found on ASOS... super cute for only £5

3. Bath time:
Another popular option for Valentines is body products, stuff for the bath etc... Lush and The body are both great they do packages so all you have to do is pop in a pick one up. Just make sure your girlfriends skin isn't sensitive to anything you don't want any bad reactions. If in doubt go into the store and pick up a gift card, I would suggest The body shop they have both makeup and body products.

4. The Little Black Dress:
If your going out for a meal on the night why not surprise her with a classic LBD for her to wear out. you can find the perfect dress to fit any size and girls style, I suggest ASOS for good quality and fast delivery... They also have a sale on right now. HERE! is one I found

5. A Handbag:
A girls best friend of course is here handbag and there's no better way of getting into her good books. You could buy a handbag from pretty much anywhere and there's so many on the high street which could cater for any budget. A popular option at the moment is Cath Kidson so why not get your girlfriend a romantic print bag, you can get it HERE! online right now!

6. A Book:
If your girls a book worm what better present is there. You could go for a popular makeup or fashion book or a traditional chick flick I would recommend anything by Cecelia Ahern or this book which I'm reading at the minute 'One Day'. You can find it at any reputable book shop or HERE! at Easons online.

7.DVD's - ROMCOM or classic romance:
An obvious option of course is the DVD or DVD's depending on your budget. Self explanatory go for what your girlfriend likes, one I brought recently and a good option for Valentines is 'Love and Other Drugs' you can get it HERE! from HMV

8.For the Makeup lovers:
Makeup is a great idea for those girlfriends who are obsessed especially if your one of the beauty bloggers men out there. You can also pick up gift cards if your not sure what to get or shop online. Here's two suggestions:
Mac lipstick relatively cheap at £13.50 (on the UK site) this is a good option there's lots of colours to choose from and you can be guaranteed your girlfriend will be delighted! you can find mac lipsticks HERE!

Makeup brushes, a must have for all girls. This is a particularly lovely set which I really want too at the moment a bit pricey but you get what you pay for and it comes in this pink holder (very appropriate!) This set is from Sigma and you can find it HERE!

A tricky one please please guys do not buy your girlfriend underwear if you do not know her size, either way you are going to insult her. This is a present which can benefit you both and is therefore not a very surprising option. If you are going for this cater to what your girlfriend likes if you know she prefers simple, not over the top underwear go for a nice silk plain design in a soft pink. If you know your girlfriends a bit more adventurous then you can't really go wrong pick something you'd like to see her in. One tip is when shes not looking take a look in the cupboard and find out exactly what her sizes are this prevents and problems when buying and she'll be impressed you've payed attention. If your a bit nervous of going into the shops to buy underwear why not shop online. La senza have really nice options for everyone and nearer the time will definitely have more Valentines inspired wears. 

10. Last but not least is the engagement ring:
This not surprisingly had to be added to this list as it is the day for romance. My advice to the men out there considering this option is keep it simple white gold is a really popular option at the moment and a cheap alternative to platinum. Most women like a simple one stone and there are a variety of cuts out there. Ask the shop assistant for help, your buying a ring they will definitely help with any advice or queries. Another nice option is a three stone ring, and there are a lot of vintage looking rings able at the moment if that's what your girlfriend likes. The average spent on a ring these days is anywhere between €1,500-2,000, personally I wouldn't expect anything over that I just think that would be a bit ridiculous. Try mulitple jewelers you might find something nice, and they do vary in price ranges. If this is what your planning for valentines Good luck!! 
I am in no way suggesting anyone spends anywhere near as much as this ring costs just choose to show it to you because its called 'Hannah' aaaawwww! you can find it HERE!


  1. Nice gift choices!



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