Friday, 24 February 2012

Colour Blend Foam Nice' n Easy Hair dye

I have had grey hair since I was about 16 :( but the power hair dye has kept my spirits up at the fact that my hair clearly thinks im 80 years old.
Anyways recently there has been a huge hoo-ha about mousse/foam home dyes, so i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon and give it ago!

For a while now I've been using semi permanent loreal casing creme gloss! I love it apart from the fact that after about 4 washes my greys start to appear again :( however if you don't have grey that is a great option for home dying. The reason I've been staying away from the permanents for the last while is that i was hoping to get some copper tones put in my hair but the hair dresser always says my hair would just go orange because of the dark tones i use.
Nice' n Easy was on offer with Tesco for around €6 so I thought for that price you can't go wrong eh? WRONG!
I wanted to try an auburn colour but I ordered the dye online with my shopping and couldn't really see the colour properly so just decided to go with my natural colour and stick to darkest brown (shade 3), but the shade wasn't the problem here!!

The box comes with activating creme, blend formula, two conditioning Glosses, Gloves, and a pump. Mixing the product was easy not rocket science, pour 1 into 2 shake three times inset pump. Simples as  a cute and cuddly creature would say. The problems came after this, the Foam is exactly like styling mousse its not wet and drys in the hair so was hard to spread and cover the hair. It was also really hard to get into the roots as it was drying in the lenghts before i got the chance to apply it. I used a full bottle on my head and I think I could really have used another bottle, and my hair is only to my shoulders. Now this new formula is supposed to be "non drip" and yes it is but, its so hard to apply its gets everywhere anyway. In all my years of home dying my hair I have never ever managed to get it all down by back in my ears and all over my face as much as I did with this dye!
I ran a comb through my hair just to make sure it was evenly spread. I then waited the correct amount of time before waiting to wash out. By this time my hair had dried out and was stiff and the ends felt horrible. So I reached for the conditioning Gloss. One sachet was supposed to be used then and the 2nd in a week. This one sachet didn't even cover the end of my hair let alone the lenghts, so I spread on some of my own conditioner in the hope it would help tackle the dryness. By this time I had dye up the walls! I washed it off and dried my hair. Now i'm here with the finished product and to be honest its not to bad but I can see patches and streaks that are uneven and not dyed probably. So all in all i'm not buying into the gimmick and will be back to using regular dye next time. I do love Nice' n easy as a brand and if i'm going for a permanent dye would tend to use them. I just didn't like the foam.

Have any of you tried Foam/ Mousse hair dye? What do you think?


  1. omg I can totally relate to you, I;m 16 and I have strands of grey hair eeek I hate it. haven't tried the foam mousse dye yet though xx

    1. yer its seriously annoying isn't it! have you tried casting creme gloss from loreal thats good and alot kinder on your hair :) x

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