Saturday, 4 February 2012

January Valentines Glossy Box!

I just want to first tell you that I have wanted to subscribe to Glossybox from the very start money was holding me, but last month I decided what the hell I'll go for it despite still probably not rely being able to afford it. When I subbed Mid January I assumed that I would be starting with the Valentines box wrongly as they started me on the December box as this months was so late. At first I was a bit angry seeing as I rely didn't have the money for two boxes in one month, but when I saw how great the box was I was excited. So I waited when my box still hadn't arrived I contacted the Glossy box team. Apparently it had gotten lost in the post and it would take another week (maximum) to get to me. So again I waited another 7days on everyone else was getting their January boxes and I still hadn't got my Decembers so I contacted the Glossy Box team again, who I have to say were great!! they apologized and gave me my refund when I asked. 

Which brings me to the Valentines Box which arrived yesterday (yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa!) I was super duper excited (and I started with the January box after all so at least I wasn't getting two in the one month).

Whats in the box:
I'll keep it short and just tell you what I got and What my first thoughts were, as I'm sure by now your all seriously bored of looking at everyone's boxes. Sorry about the picture quality I was too excited to wait for my camera charge so just used my phone: 

1. Davines, Moisturizing Balm
Not got to try this yet but love the fact that you can use it on your body and hair. Looking forward to trying it.

2. Murad, Hybrids skin perfecting primer (Dewy Finish)
At first I thought this was going to be to dark for me, but it spreads and evens out. When it says dewy finish it rely does mean it I found it a bit shiny however I think it will be nice for the summer so will enjoy trying it again then. 

3. Eyeko, Skinny Eyeliner (Black)
This wouldn't have been my choice of colour, if I could of picked (seeing as I already have enough black eyeliners) I would of preferred the plum or pink. However the blue and green do also look really nice. Its a good liner though, it does create a really skinny line and it stays pretty well. There is not an awful amount of product, and this is disguised by the very long bit of silver plastic at the end of the stick. But I like this and am happy! this is the type of products I would enjoy getting in the box. 

4. FAB, Gentle body wash
I haven't tried this but can't wait to as I have sensitive skin and this could be perfect for me!

5. Davines, Cleansing Nectar
This looks rely oily however its not and when I used it on my hair foamed up like a normal shampoo. Not tried it enough to rely review it but first thoughts are it seems like quite a nice product.

Overall on this months box, I think GB and their ambassadors may have hyped it up just a bit to much with the limited edition etc... If they had said nothing I think I would have been a lot more enthusiastic. However I did like this months box, and I think it lives up to what it is suppose to be. 5 luxury samples which the products were, I'm happy and can't wait for the next. I would love more "makeup" samples next month if anything! 

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