Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Mystery Eyeliner

Sorry about the photo quality my camera is charging :(
I need your help!

Hey everyone I need you help to uncover the mystery eyeliner, I got it in a magazine last summer. One side is a liquid eyeliner (which is amazing!) and the other is a twist up eyeliner. It used to have some text written on it in silver (I think it just said Eye Liner but I'm not sure). If anyone has this or knows where its from please let me know, because the liquid eyeliner is seriously amazing and I really want to repurchase! Please help if you can... Thanking you kindly! 


  1. I got this free with a magazine once aswell, ive never seen it in shops before though :(

    Im sure ive seen it as freebies in other magazines too though, so maybe keep a look out for those?

    Natalie x

    1. Thanks, oh god its so irritating when you like something then can't find it lol :) x


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