Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Perfect Eyebrows!

A long time ago when I was around 10 I remember reading one of  those girly magazines, and inside was a small article on how to create the perfect eyebrows. All of it was wrong of course which I'm guessing meant many teenage girls up and down the country were walking around with baldy eyebrows. Anyway here is my easy steps to create the perfect eyebrows, these rules have served me well over the years and can be altered to fit everyone. Follow the basic steps but change width and length (/bushiness) to suit your own style.

Use something straight like a pencil to measure with, your eyebrows should start from the corner point of your eye so measure up from the corner straight up till you hit the eyebrow this is where you should begin. Everything on the other side of this (forehead/top of nose area) should be plucked away. This of course only applies to those who want this style if your going for the big eyebrows look you might want to leave it in.

The arch of your eyebrow whether your going for the thick or thin look should be created by, looking straight into the mirror using the pencil again to measure. The arch should begin where the eyebrow meets the middle of the pupil. This can then be a subtle or high arch depending on what look your going for. pluck away  want you want just start your arch here and drag it out getting thinner towards the end of your eyebrow.

Your eyebrow should end where the pencil that your using to measure with is held at a diagonal from the end of the eye outwards.

So there's the steps it quick and easy and should cater for everyone. So the only thing that's left is to get your self a decent pair of tweezers. Cheap ones just won't cut it, you won't be able to pluck all the hairs and it won't look neat. I would suggest Tweezerman tweezers they are available in boots and They are a bit pricey but well worth it, they will last you! Also if you can find the mini ones there just as good, just a bit smaller, which means the price is also a bit smaller!!

HERE! are some Tweezerman's from

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