Monday, 27 February 2012

Water Marbling for Nails!

Hey everyone!

So today a friend sent me a youtube video on Marbelling for your nails... Too Cool! I won't mention any names but thank you EllieSausage! 

This is how its done (bearing in mind this was my first time): 

You will need:
A Cup of water 
2 Toothpicks or similar sticks
Your choice of nail varnishes

1. Start by filling a cup with water (tap or distilled) 

2. Start layering your nail varnishes, by adding drops one by one into the water to make bullseye like circles

3. Continue the process till your happy you have enough product to work with (you have to work quite fast otherwise the varnish will dry and won't work)

4. Use one of the sticks (/toothpicks) to pull out the varnish into a pattern/design

5. Then dip your finger into the water so that the polish covers it and hold it there for about two minutes

6. Take your finger out of the water and wait for the polish to dry like normal. you may want to add a top coat (if you like-not necessary) 

7. Then clean around your nail any varnish on your finger. for the next finger you can use the same water using new nail varnish if needed or gone dry to clean the water use the other stick to scrap the surface of the water off (the varnish would have formed a film ontop of the water making it easy to take away)

There you go quick easy and effective. Mine didn't work out as well on the first try because i missed the design but practice makes perfect!

Have you ever tried this method of painting your nails?


  1. Cool, iv'e always wanted to try this and it didn't work for me...I looked on youtube and people said you had to use high brands of nail polish or new ones? Not sure whether that's true...

    Could you check out my blog please? x

    1. Hi Emily,
      You don't have to use high end brands just use stronger colours, i did find doing mine that the better quality the better it works but if you build layers there's no reason why it shouldn't work. I used Barry M in this one and it worked rely well and they are very cheap for great quality so it might be worth giving them a go.

      I will definitely check out you blog! :) x

  2. Seeing as my attempt was a disaster i'm blaming my quick drying the thicker polishes didn't work either...I'm off to raid my sisters polishes to see if i can do better!..Great Post Hannah... fair play to EllieSausage for sending you the YouTube videos.. whoever she is!!!!xxx

    1. hahaha this cracked me up lol! hope your second attempt goes better! xxxx


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