Friday, 10 February 2012

What I got My Boyfriend for Valentines

I already did my two posts on what to get HER and what to get HIM for valentines, so I thought I would finish it off by showing you what I ended up getting my boyfriend. I won't be telling you any prices encase he see its after the day, but I will tell you where I got everything so if your interested you can go find it! Shane if your looking at this stop reading NOW! everyone else enjoy! x

1. Cocktail glasses from Debenhams:
I got these because we do like our cocktails, we enjoy mixing cocktails for each other and Shane recently brought the cocktail bible and a shaker set. These also match our wine glasses we already have.

2. Grow your own Chilli peppers:
Shane wants to do the whole home growing (Which includes home brewing!! (another present idea if unlike us you have the room)) but at the moment we just don't have the room, however this set comes with its own compost disks and little planters so there's all he needs and there small so he can enjoy this until we have the room for him to do more. 

3. How I met your mother Season 4:
We watch an episode of this every night and this is as far as we are so far so this was the obvious choice of DVD. I got this from amazon. 

4. Chocolate lolly:
From Marks and Spencer, I wanted to include some goodies.

5. Chocolate caramel love hearts:
Marks and Spencer valentines range.

6. Mr Perfect socks:
I got these in Tesco, bit of a jokey present rely but I think he'll like them 

7. Sexy boyfriend Card:
I was gonna go down the nice card route but personally we're a bit more jokey than that so I got him this, I find it hilarious the message inside made me laugh out loud! from Tesco

8. 65 Pickles, chutneys and relishes book :
by Catherine Atkinson, This is also because of the home growing. Recently while visiting friends Shane tried their chutneys and pickles and then went on a mad hunt to find some to buy when we got home. He couldn't find any he wanted and then said he would like to make his own... so TA Daaaaaa now he can :)

Something else I wanted to put into the box was macaroons but I could not find them anywhere in Town if anyone knows anywhere or has seen them anywhere in Dublin... Please let me know

I cut the flaps off a cardboard box and wrapped it in a heart paper from Tesco, this was to hold all the presents in. I then wrapped the presents and placed them in the box to display!

So what are you doing for valentines? are you getting anything for your other half? 


  1. nice blog,followed of course! (;
    It'd be so nice if you could find some time to check out my blog and follow back if you enjoy reading, if not please tell me what I could improve!

    with love,

    1. Thank you! You have a lovely blog! have followed you back! and your Austrian, that's where me and my boyfriend did our skiing certificates! its our favorite place to go on holiday! x

  2. O god your so organised I havent even picked up a card yet!

    1. Oh god yes I have to have everything prepared in advance i'm one of those annoying people who starts buying Christmas presents in the summer LOL! x

  3. I've tagged you in my 11 question tag!

    Natalie xx


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