Wednesday, 14 March 2012

DIY: Love felt cushions

Im thinking about doing more DIY posts in the future and with another move on the cards at the end of June maybe a few home DIY's.
I made these cushion covers basically just to liven up the room a bit as our room is just magnolia and then we have turquoise accents through the room (mirror, set of draws, embroidered bed sheets, candles). I got the cushions on a trip to Ikea a couple of months ago for around €1 (you can find them HERE!) I then set about trying to find a nice enough cover for them and there was very little in the colour I wanted that i like. And the DIY project was born.

Step 1: 
I brought these cushion covers on sale in penneys for €0.50, they were dark navy when I brought them. So I began by soaking the covers in bleach for 24 hours. I then rinsed and washed it off.

Step 2:
Once bleached of there previous colour I then brought a cheap hand dye from Hickeys for around €3 in the colour I wanted. I soaked the cushions in the dye for another 24 hours to make sure they were completely covered and dyed. (I added salt to the dye to increase its staying power!). I put it through a quick wash in the machine afterwards to make sure any residue was washed away.

Step 3:
For the decoration LOVE, I picked up some felt in Hickeys for a couple of euro and drew on the back of the fabric the letters I needed. Remembering to draw them back to front, so that the right side of the fabric was not drawn on.
I then created a blanket stitch around the outside of each letter in black thread. It an easy stitch to do and there are plenty of sites that offer instructions if you need any help. (HERES! one I found that explains it well)

Step 4: 
The cushion cover was slightly to big for the cushion so I sewed along the side and top to fit it properly.

I did a few invisible stitches every couple of mm to attach the letters to the cushion cover and hey presto its finished!

So what do you think? its a bit home made shabby chic! but it saved alot of money on expensive covers, and gives a nice homey touch to the room...

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