Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A hairy situation!

Hey everyone!

I've wanted to do something different with my hair for a long time now! its annoying me so much and I just tie it up at the minute because its between lenghts and annoying. I've had a bob for a long time now and only now it has reached my shoulders but is still shorter at the back in the bob cut. Its also endured years of me dying it black and dark browns which are around my natural colour this is to cover the greys :( This means its pretty much black due to colour build up!

Heres my hair at the moment (complete disaster im well aware lol)
an awful picture but just wanted really to show you just how dark it is!

So I've finally I've found two looks I like but I'm still really unsure. I would really like to try blonde but I'm a bit apprehensive. So the first picture is a bit more of a likely option: 

Picture credited to: 

Picture credited to: 

I did a bit of messing around on Photoshop just to see what it might look like on me here's the results... what do you think?

So what do you guys recon to ombre v's Blonde?? Or is it too much for me? 


  1. Ombre could be a good stepping stone to blonde!

    1. Hiya yer thats what im thinking ombre might help me to decide without a huge drastic change :) x

  2. You will look awesome no matter what you choose but I agree with going the ombre route and working your way up to blonde if you want.
    Sara xx

    1. Thanks Sara,
      Yer i think thats what im going to do. in less i decide my hairs still to short for it. In which case might go for light brown and work my way down to blonde :) x


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