Friday, 30 March 2012

Human + Kind All-in-one Body Oil

Another Review today! (let me no what you think of my reviews and whether you like them or not in the comments please)

When I first saw this product I was very excited I thought it seemed like a great way of getting ready for summer! (or should i say spring... I can hear your thoughts saying ITS ONLY MARCH!) The product information says that this body oil is a

"a supercharged, multi-tasking body oil, specially formulated to hydrate, tone and rejuvenate dry or lackluster body skin, making it instantly soft and luminous. This miracle worker is crammed full of intensely nourishing, but lightweight, natural essential oils, minerals and vitamins- Ideal for targeting uneven skin, scars and even stretch marks."

I've tried a few oils in the past not to tackle any specific areas but more as a moisturizing product as I do have very drying skin, and its always nice to have soft, smooth, and moisturized legs. Seeing as its about the time mine start to come out from winter hibernation, I thought I would give this a go. It did not let me down! I've used baby oil in the past and although its good it was very runny and was running off my hands before I got to rub it in. Bio oil was a little better (a bit thicker and obviously a better quality product for someone my age aka. not a baby!) But this is just way beyond both of those in my opinion of course! 
Its a thick enough product that its not running everywhere before I can rub it in but its still of the oil consistency. I quickly worked out that it kept a lot more moisture in if I applied it straight after a shower, maybe even better with semi wet skin. Applying it to dry skin, it disappeared very quickly into my skin and although it was moisturizing it was way more effective after the shower.

This product is also hypoallergenic and suitable of sensitive skin so great for someone like me with super sensitive skin! Its also "Crammed full of healthy, natural nutrients... Organic Sun Flower Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, cold pressed wheat germ Oil, natural vitamin E, Arnica Oil." which all help to tackle such things like Cellulite and Scars.
I haven't rely seen its effects on cellulite yet mainly because I've only been using it for a week, I only have a bit of light cellulite around the tops of my legs so I didn't expect it to do much to that. However if you have any scars this is perfect for them as its packed with vitamin E which helps to heal. I had a operation on my back last year, after I fell in the snow so i'm going to try it on my scar and I will get back to you, if it makes a dramatic change.

I love this product and would definitely repurchase! Its got a slight kind of bergamot smell which I love! and is Great for those that like oil products and have dry skin or skin in need of a bit of TLC. Big thumbs up from me though! This product is €14.95 which although to some could be seen as quite pricey for what it does its definitely worth the money in my eyes! Its available HERE! and in pharmacies and health stores nationwide. 

What do you think to oil products? 


  1. Sounds yummy...i'm a bio oil i think its not as greasy as the other oils i've tried..might give this a shot when the bio oil runs out!x

    1. its definitely worth ago! I saw Bio Oil in TKMaxx yesterday might be cheaper than buying it in pharmacies!! x


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