Thursday, 1 March 2012

Just Add Alcohol! (Saving cracked or broken powder makeup)

This post is for any of you out there that have cracked or broken powder makeup that you were just about to throw out, don't! we can fix it! A pet hate of mine is powder makeup breaking up after a weekend away in a makeup bag. I brought this bronzer a few years ago and it has been unusable for about a year due to the fact that it had cracked and broken beyond use. For some reason i held it back and didn't throw it away. Last week while doing a bit of reading i discovered this method of fixing it... and it worked!!

You will need:
Your cracked or broken powder makeup
a pot 
Rubbing Alcohol
cotton buds

Step 1: Take your cracked makeup and empty it into a pot

Step 2: Crush up the makeup the make an even powder (not necessary to crush it rely well i just think it makes for an even and better looking finish in the pan)

step 3: Clean the pan and packaging of the product. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to powdered makeup in the pot. (rubbing alcohol is anything about 70%. However i used 40% vodka as the sale of rubbing alcohol is restricted in Ireland. you can get it over the chemist but it is costly, and it is not necessary for this to work it just means the drying time will be longer!) 

Step 4: Mix the alcohol and the product it makes a lumpy paste, don't add too much or it will be really wet and take ages to dry! transfer it to the pan press and smooth it down ( a spoon will do this trick). Leave to dry for at least 24 hours or longer depending on the alcohol content used. It may not look as pretty as it used to but one completely dried it will work as well as it did when first brought!!

So what do you think? worth a go or would you just throw it out?


  1. Definately going to have to try this, thank you for showing me this :D
    Natalie xx

    1. your welcome hope it helps to fix your MUA shaddow!! xx


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