Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Percy & Reed London- Hair Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish

Just thought I'd do a quick review today on this product which I got free with a magazine that was around €2-3... As its a full sized product what a bargain!! There's still some available in newsagents around Dublin (As far as I know!) And there is four to collect Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, and Finishing polish. I picked up the finishing polish as its unlike anything else I have.

I expected it to be a serum like product but its actually more creamy like a moisturizer and melts away into the hair. The product is described as "Flawless is a big word, but this little bottle delivers. This gentle styler containing horse chestnut extract gives you a soft, flexible hold while while sunflower wax gently moisturizes. Knock 'em dead" 
Your supposed to use a small amount to tame the hair. Now I wash my hair every day (i no i no its bad for my hair!) Because i just hate the feel of it after a day it feels greasy. Therefore this product wasn't the best, I found it made my hair look greasy just after styling, not exactly what I wanted! as I only used about a pea sized about I had hoped it might just give me extra shine, but no it made it look over styled and greasy. 

I can see how this would be a great product for everyone with normal to dry hair! especially if your hair is prone to fly away's. I can't complain due to getting it free with the magazine, but I definitely would not repurchase this product. Its just not for me!

Have you used this product? Have you tried any of the other products from the line?

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