Monday, 2 April 2012

5 Things that made me happy this week

Number 5- Mood Lighting:
This week a bulb blew in our bathroom so it was Shane's mission to replace it he found a bulb put it in, and now we have what can only be described as pink mood lighting in the bathroom. It makes me laugh every time I go in there. It does eventually warm up but it provides giggles for the first 5 minutes of switching it on.

Number 4- Wrath Of The Titans Irish Premiere:
This week I was lucky enough to get to go to the Irish Premier in Dublin of Wrath Of The Titans, as Shane got tickets from his work. I thought it was better than the first film, Shane on the other hand loved it! We had a great night and rely enjoyed ourselves. The only thing that could of made it better was if i'd bumped into Liam Neeson.

Number 3- Finding my Ipod:
On the night of the premier I lost my Ipod which made me very panicky and angry as I can't leave the house without it. After ringing around half of Dublin I later found it on the floor. I was delighted but also felt very stupid.

Number 2- Shane Buying Body Lotion instead of shower gel:
We hadn't done a big shop for a couple of weeks and this week we ran out of shower gel so Shane ran off to the shops to pick up some. We only use dove as I have sensitive skin so he picked up what he thought was body wash, jumped into the shower poured some on his hands which led to confusion. Then came into me afterwards and said "have a look at this shower gel will u its rely weird" I then found out it was body lotion. I don't think I've ever laughed as much!

Number 1- House Hunting!!
Hopefully we will be moving soon and although our it will be sad to leave our first flat together we're looking to get a house as we're in need of some extra space, seeing as our stuff no longer fits into this flat. This weekend we went on the look and think we may have settled on an area we both agree on. Nothings set in stone yet but we're looking forward to a move at the beginning of the summer!

What made you happy this week?


  1. Sounds like you had a nice week! Following you now, follow back at Xxxx


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