Monday, 9 April 2012

Can you fake it on the cheap

There are plenty of false nails available at the moment and to be quite honest i've never really been a fan before but with all the new designs and types avauable at the moment its hard not to be interested. If anything, stylish designs whilst being lazy... thats right up my street.

However the real question here is can you fake it on the cheap. On a recent visit to Penneys I picked up these falsies for €1.50, so how will these fair compared to the more expensive types on the maket at the moment.

There wasn't many designs to chose from however I do like this design its really wearable. The nails are a gold plastic and the back was also gold which is different to the false nails I've worn before. It comes with a nail glue which is pink similar to others I've used. If your a regular user of false nails you might want to buy glue separately to get a better quality glue for your nails and to provide a longer lasting effect.

These nails work the same as any other glue on false nails. You apply a small amount of glue to the nail, pop in place and hold down for a couple of seconds till the glue starts to dry. Its quick and easy which is why false nails are so popular. These are obviously not the best quality (the price says it all rely) but they would definitely  last the night if the glue is applied correctly. The black design did start to wear away by the end of the evening but by that time I thought they had last long enough considering what I had expected of the product.

All false nails are damaging because of the adhesive, as these are on the cheap side and the glue is not the best I would definitely suggest removing them properly. I dip the nail in nail varnish remover for a couple of minutes and then gently remove. Do not try to peel or pull them off it will really damage your nails!!

In conclusion cheap but cheerful! these would be great for a night out but you really wouldn't want to rely on them lasting any longer than that. There is limited choice of designs, however they do have the classic and popular french manicure style. At €1.50 for a night in fashion without wasting time applying varnish I think you can't really go wrong!


  1. I bought these about a month ago and still haven't used them! Was thinking of putting them on tomorrow for going out shopping,but as you said there quite damaging so think I'll wait.They look so pretty on though :)


    1. As long as you look after your nails after im sure its grand! Yer they actually look rely nice on its a shame they don't last longer!! :) x

  2. ever since the after effects of shellac im so scared to adhere anything to my nails!!!! 3 or 4 months they only seem to be recovering now ...and theyre not even 'fake nails' per se....

    1. I've never tried Shellac kinda glad i haven't now, it must be really damaging if your nails are only starting to recover now :( x

  3. love these falsies! am following you now :)



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