Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Another year... Time for a freak out?!?!

Hey Everyone,

So This time next month will be my birthday and I am... FREAKING OUT! 
Not because of the obvious, I don't rely think its a freak out year of age (although I wish people would cut out the... but your still so young bull! people when you feel 40 inside at my age come back and patronize me then!) No its because its my age where (I dunno if anyone else has this??) as a kid you were like when I'm this age... I'm gonna have this many kids, and be married to prince charming, and I shall have a career as a florist, and a carpenter, and a teacher, and as a doctor (lol I'm very indecisive), and I'm gonna live in a nice house. 
And I have achieved none of it! None! granted I am actually qualified as a secondary school teacher (or well I shall be in a few weeks!) but during my time as a student teacher I learnt I'm still as indecisive as I was a child, and right now i'm not sure I want to teach. Only time will tell if that passion will come back to me.

Anyways my 10 year old self was wrong, and I have reached another twenty something year having not achieved a lot.
Disappointed much... Definitely! Just me?


  1. Don't worry - i constantly feel like this. I recently turned 21 and i've acheived hardly any of the things i thought i would have by now - so i understand the freak out.
    I've always assumed that i'd have acheived certain things by a certain age but it just hasnt happened or something delays it or ive just completely veered off that path.
    So i understand the freak out, but i guess if everything was straight forward and we acheived everything so easily life would be fairly boring - it's the obstacles we face that make it interesting?

    Good luck with everything you wish for thoughh :)
    & i hope you have a lovely birthday!
    Natalie xx

    1. Hey Natalie,

      Lol its strange isn't it I think i had that feeling on my 21st too, but more cause i thought i was gonna feel completely different and it was gonna be amazing but nope. but this year is on a completely different level of disappointment lol!

      Thanks for your comment!
      Hannah xx

  2. I was the same at ur age, and i'm even worse now at 27. You have achieved LOADS ur a qualified teacher (almost) and thats an achievement in itself..it might not be what u want to do but its always good to have a qualification under ur belt!

    Remember this..a nice house is grand and i'm lucky i have my little house but there is a hell of alot of debt that comes with it..mortgage, house insurance, life insurance..and when something goes wrong u can't call the landlord to fix it!!!

    I thought i'd be a millionaire by now...well theres always the lotto..or the Late Late competitons on a Fri night for €20k!!!!

    C u later!

    1. Hey,
      LOL only seen this now didn't realise you'd posted a comment!!

      I'm still crossing my fingers that Ryan will be ringing you some time soon lol!

      Put up the pic of the lunch not lunch in the weekend in pictures LOL!



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