Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Body Shop White Musk- A perfume for the summer

Hey Everyone,

If you didn't already know I lllloooooovvvveeee The Body Shop! I mean LOVE IT! 
Unfortunately a lot of their products are fairly expensive which means I rarely get to purchase products, but whenever I do have a bit of money scraped together I'm there! They have an amazing makeup range to which I'm yet to purchase any of, but instead lovingly swatch every time I'm in store. 

ANYWAYS... today I wanted to share with you my love for White Musk perfume!! If anyone is looking for a perfect summer perfume at the minute this is definitely the one. I have loved this perfume since the age of about 10 when I received my first bottle. 

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Its fresh, Musky, and subtly flowery (definitely not overpowering), Its just a great summer fragrance which reminds me of holiday's. Its timeless, and ageless,  anyone can wear it whether your 15 or 50! 
Its also cruelty free so woohoo for The Body Shop!

On another note a favorite shampoo when I was rely young was Body Shop's Banana and hazelnut!... Please bring it back it was amazing!!

Do you have a favorite summer fragrance? Whats your favorite Body Shop product?

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