Wednesday, 12 September 2012

LIFE: Job Hunting...

Hey Everyone!

For those of you that didn't already know, I'm currently job hunting eeeeeeeekkkkk!
As a qualified secondary school teaching I'm finding it really hard to find jobs that aren't teaching. The jobs market seems to be swamped with teachers at the moment and obiovusly theres not enough work out there for all of us, so I made the decision to start looking else where. For those wondering why... I have a flat to pay for and you know have to keep myself alive. To be honest I'm not sure teaching is for me (definatnely stressful), and this leads me onto the job hunt.

I've been looking at lots of different job options, and there plently of jobs i'd love to do but this doesn't mean I have the experience they want even if I am qualified for it. Hold the phone... WWWWHHHAAATT!
Yes! it seems that you can't get a job without the experiece, but you can't get the experiencee without a job! Vicious Circle huh?

And so the hunt continues... Rant over! 

Are you job hunting at the moment? or have you just got a job? 
I'd love to hear your stories...


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