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Book Review: 50 Shades of Grey (E L James) trilogy?

I think we've all pretty much heard about these books by now if not, have you been living under a rock or something? People just seem to be focusing on the obvious! and yes it is fairly racy (understatement of the century) But there's not really much been said about the actual story and the book as a whole!

Firstly addressing the elephant in the room before I get onto what I think of the story... Alot of the media seem to suggest at every opportunity that there is a slight reference to domestic violence situations in the book... But is there?
I think its very easy for a lot of people to just point the finger and say this book is glorifying domestic violence, but really if you read the book that's not what goes on at all! Its not about a man beating up his girlfriend its about what makes a person tick! Each to their own in my opinion ( any type of violence is definitely NOT what I look for in a relationship!) I find that part of the story a little far fetched and think any woman who was given the choice at that stage would have run a million miles away!

Onto the story... I'm a total book worm love getting lost in a good story. As long as its well written I could read anything, as a romantic myself I have to say a good romance story is always a winner. I will admit I picked up the first book to see what all the fuss was about, it had so much coverage in the media and nearly every woman around was either reading it or talking about reading it. So I ran off and brought myself a copy, and it took awhile its popularity cannot be criticized! It was sold out for a long time!

First thoughts, I'm going to be honest I found this book (all three actually!) badly written and repetitive. Its as if the author was just trying to fill in more space at times, taking sections from earlier chapters and changing the words around to create a new paragraph. Having said that if it had been written better I think it would of been a great story. The plot had everything you need from a good read... romance, suspense  drama, a twist, and that little darker side. But like I said the writing lets it down.

At the beginning of the first book the quality of writing and dramatically controversial story line gave me no rapport with the book, but I felt the need to finish it to decide for myself about the hype! By the end I was hooked! But not by the sexual element that was the highlighted topic in every magazine, newspaper, and  on every radio station, no by the shock twist of the plot. As soon as I was finished I went on the hunt for the second book. This again badly written but was my favorite of all the books, I fell in love with the story line, the characters, and wanted them to find happiness. Alas the third book dissolved all emotion I had for the second! Bad ending, beginning, and middle, meant I could finally put to rest this trilogy without ever intending to revisit or re-read!

Would I see the film? Maybe! All depends on who's chosen to play Christian Grey! ;)
My overall view...You can't fault a girl for trying the controversial story line has made sure this is a bestseller, never mind the quality of writing! and the gossiping old grannies hanging around the Fiction section whispering about the "Dirty books" will always make me giggle!

Whats your views on this book? Should their be a film? and who would you like to see play the main characters in the film adaptation?


  1. Good review! glad you drew attention to how awfully written it is haha! x

  2. I started the first one but for whatever reason never finished. I need to get in to them again,the whole world seems to have read the trilogy and they all seem to agree the second is best! Good review :)

    1. Thanks so much! u should try again lol if anything just to get to the second one lol! :)


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