Saturday, 27 October 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Alternative ways Of Donating

Hey Everyone, 
I know I already did a post at the start of the month on Breast Cancer Awareness and ways of donating or contributing to the cause (which you can find HERE!) but I also wanted to share with you a quick idea of how to help without spending money. This way you can help the cause even if you can't afford to flash any cash!!
I recently had a bit of a wardrobe clean out (nothing major but a few bits and bobs I no longer wear) and I was thinking about giving them to a charity shop, but I passed this Breast Cancer clothing bank and thought it was a great idea! 
If your going to do this the clothes obviously need to be of reasonable quality i.e. not falling apart, all buttons in tacked etc... but apart from that, its a no faults kind of donation!

If you've not yet donated in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month but want to help in some way this is a quick and easy method of doing so! For more information on the Clothing Banks visit Breast Cancer Ireland's website (HERE!)

Hope your all having a lovely weekend!! 


  1. Thanks for sharing, I've not seen the Breast Cancer clothing banks. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them now as usually I throw old clothes away even if they're still in good condition.
    Im following you from the #bbloggers hop :)x

    1. It really is a great idea and there easy to spot now from the bright pink! thats the only reason i found this 1 as i did a double take at the bright colour!! lol!
      Thank you so much!
      Hannah x

  2. This is a fantastic post, more people should donate and if they don't have the cash then what better way then donating old clothes.

    Love your blog and i am your new follower.


    1. Thank you so much!! and I totally agree! x

  3. Hey!! I've nominated you for a Liebster award, hope you don't mind ... I love your blog :)

    Check out what to do here ...

    Laurie xx

    1. Thank you so much don't mind at all!!
      Off to do it now!
      Hannah :) x


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