Monday, 22 October 2012

Business Venture: Blog Designing

Hey Everyone,

Today's post is about a little business venture I'm entering and was wondering if any of you would be interested?
I'm going to start up a little blog designing part on this blog! Available services will be a header design, Navi bar (page bar) design, and Social media Icons, this is my starting point I might do more if requested or at a later date. Each will be tailor made and individual for your blog, I will obviously listen to suggestions by you for your blog.

This idea came to me recently while designing a friends blog, I've been out of work for a while now, and with no jobs on the horizon I thought why not make a business out of something I love. I went to art college for 4 years so I have a good art background and would be taking this very seriously, putting in the time and effort your blogs deserve!

Here's some blog Designs I have recently made:

Starting prices would be:
-Header- €20 (£16.50 or $26)
-Navi Bar- €5 (£4 or $6.50)
-Social Media Icons -€5 (£4 or $6.50)

If you are interested in these services please comment or email me! I will be creating a new page for this soon but would love to know if anyone's interested!


  1. I'd love to design my blog & make it look nice ...I just dont know how so I think your idea is great!

    1. Thank you! will prob be starting it this week so let me no if you would be interested! :) x

  2. great ideas and i liek your header

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:


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