Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tag: 25 Things you might not know about me

Hey Everyone,

Today's post is a Tag that I've seen floating about for a while and I thought why not... So here we go:

  1. I'm an only child, but was very close to my cousins growing up and consider them my sisters
  2. I'm shopping obsessed, but never have any money
  3. I used to want to be a ski instructor and got to level 3 but, haven't been back since because of Uni etc. I really would love to go back!
  4. I don't have many (girl) friends. but wish I did!
  5. I actually don't drink anymore, but it doesn't stop me having fun
  6. I named my car after a family member, but shhhh its a secret
  7. I'm qualified as a secondary school teacher, but I'm still not sure if that's what I want to do
  8. I have my own flat in Dublin, but I wish it was a house no matter how much I love it
  9. My favorite colour is Emerald Green, but I'm partial to turquoise  
  10. I'm allergic to kiwi's, but please don't try and kill me off 
  11. I'm supposed to wear glasses but, I rarely do!
  12. I hate ice cream, but I like Ben and Gerry's cookie dough and also pistassio
  13. I really want to travel to Italy, but hate it when the weathers too hot! So will have to time my trip
  14. I'm a size 10 to 12, but I would love to tone up
  15. I did horse riding as a child, but I stopped after another girl fell of a horse
  16. I love salads especially with avocado, but I love lemon cupcakes just as much
  17. My favorite film is sleepless in Seattle, but I'm a totally filmy have way to many DVD's and love many modern films too
  18. I live in the city, but I am a total country person and hate the busyness of city life! Apart from the shops obviously!
  19. I went to Art college for 4 years where I learnt things like fine art, graphics, digital media, photography, fashion, and ceramics, but I sometimes wish I'd stuck to one thing
  20. The only fizzy drink I drink is 7up, but I sometimes will drink club lemon
  21. I'm OCD about washing my hands, but I'm also OCD about food being cooked properly :/
  22. My natural hair colour is jet black, but years of dyeing it means its never gone back to that
  23. I started wearing makeup at about 15, but it only consisted of mascara and a natural collection liquid highlight 
  24. My birthday is on the 16th of June
  25. I have never broken any bones, but did end up in hospital 2 years ago when I fell over in the snow and had to get a operation on my back

I tag:

Go you if you read all of that! I hope this gave you more of an insight to me, and I would love to here some facts about you!!


  1. Great post! I really enjoy reading this kind of thing as it's nice to know a little bit more about the face behind the blog!

    So cool that you used to be a ski instructor, bet it was fun!

    I'm also the same with .21, I wash my hands so much and am so paranoid about food being cooked properly (food poisoning wasn't a fun experience!)

    I'm having a MAC Makeup giveaway on my blog if you want to have a look?


  2. Thank you!! :)

    I tried to be a ski instructor lol only got to level 3 lol!

    haha its so funny how much i inspect my food before eating it i try not to when with other people though no it can be annoying!!

    Already did!! :)

  3. Thanks for tag doll:) I did this post last week I think. Loved reading yours, its nice to learn more about the people behind the blogs:)
    Sara xx

    1. I must have missed it off to ready it now lol! xx

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us and for tagging me :D I loved the piccys!

  5. Haha, your lucky you didn't inspect your lunch at my house!!!!....i'd have kicked you out!!!!!!!....YES agreed your ODC bout your hands- never known anyone to used hand sanitiser sooo much!!!!....and i would have thought you were more a size 8 then a 10-12!!!...but if you say you're a 10-12 i believe you...that also now means i can borrow your lovely clothes!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. haha but surely these quirky things make me me! lol! x

  6. Such a great post!Allergies to kiwis are quite common nowdays aren't they? I'm the same about food, especially chicken - I panic if it is even a little pink! ha


    1. Thank you!! Really i didn't no that!? Lol its nice to know i'm not the only 1! lol :) xx

  7. Loved reading the facts! You seem like a lovely person!
    Haha don't worry, i won't kill you with your kiwi allergy. Better yet, i'll protect you by eating them for you! :)))


    1. ah thank you so much thats a lovely thing to say! and thanks for nottrying to kill me with the kiwi's lol! :) x

  8. Again another great post and i agree/are the same as many of the above.



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