Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yes Nurse: Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment-Protect Your Lovely Hands

Hey Everyone,

With winter well and truly setting in my hands are feeling the side effects. So today I thought I'd do a post on a god send product! 
Yes Nurse! protect your lovely hands is a moisturizing hand cream perfect for this time of year. Paediatric nurse, Antonia Steven was tired of the pains of cracked and dry hands as a result of her job, like many others which involves constant washing of the hands. She was fed up of using hand creams that just weren't doing the job so formulated her own. 

This hand cream is (dare I say it) bloody amazing! Its not sticky or greasy like the usual creams I am forced to use by the state of my hands in autumn/winter. It also smells really nice not sweet or powdery like others I've tried, this smells musky and gentle. 
The formulation is what makes this hand cream the best, it is not thick like you would expect but thin and smooth instead. It really soaks into the skin fast, making them extremely soft. 

Yes Nurse is available in most pharmacy's all over Ireland and is €6.99 for 50mls bargain for the quality of the product!

Have you tried Yes Nurse? what are your favorite hand creams? 


  1. I got this in the Glossybox a few months back. My hands love me for it!

    1. I no right? I'm totally in love with it!! x

  2. I'd say the state of your hands (not that i noticed!!!) has nothing to do with winter..and lots to do with your constant hand washing and hand sanitising!!!!! :-) Love the post!!!..keep up the good work! <3

    1. jezzeee louise man the slaggin! thanks! x


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