Friday, 30 November 2012

DIY: Simple and Cute Personalized Present Tag

Hey Everyone, 
Today's Post is a follow up from my Vintage style wrapping in my last post which you can find HERE! 
Its a really simple way of making a personalized Tag to put on your presents! 

You Will Need:
Garden Wire/ Or another type of wire
Twine or String
Metallic Paint of your choice

Making the Tag:
1. Make a loop with wire
2. Wrap Wire around the loop to stiffen and create extra strength
3. Snip of the end of the wire and shape (you could create stars, trees, hearts, or whatever you can think of!)
 4. Wrap your chosen twine or string all the way around the shape 
 5. Then wined in and out the shape building up the shape to make it 3D, Make it as neat or shabby chick as you want!
 6. Knot the end of the string to another piece within the shape 
7. Pour out some of your chosen paint put some on your finger or a brush dab off onto tissue to get rid of excess then dab onto the shape 
 8. Leave to dry then attach to your present! 

So What do you think? Are you personalizing your presents in anyway?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

DIY: Christmas Vintage Style Wrapping

Hey Everyone,
Today's post is a fairly festive one! I just wanted to tell you about how I've decided to wrap my presents this year, I've put a classic/vintage feel to it... by going traditional with brown paper based wrapping and old fashion twine string!

This Thrifty but stylish way of wrapping is pretty cheap but still pretty! Forget your bows and frills this Christmas and keep it traditional for a amazing look. I also love brown paper based wrapping as its so much more Eco friendly and bio degradable than a lot of shiny foil style wrapping, whilst looking stylish! 
I picked up the two different rolls of paper for €2 each at Tesco (each roll was 3 meters), What a BARGIN!   and I seriously love it! I also got some twine/string at my local Post Office for €1.99 and it can look just as pretty as ribbon (If not more so... In my opinion!) 
 I alternate with different presents how I tie the string!
for some I double over (twist at the back)...

For others I use a small amount of string to tie a single bow!
Something else I love about this paper is there is a grid at the back of the paper which is great for cutting, and using to line up your presents to keep wrapping super neat!

In Tesco I found another great find for just over €1... A sticker book! A really great way of making sure you know who's presents are who's. A cheap, and effective, not to mention cute way of tagging your presents! There's 75 stickers and two alternating sheets of different designs.
 Lastly I picked up two small rolls of sticky tape for €1... WHAT?? BARGIN!! 

 And... Here's how they look! I tied some of the presents in piles with the string which looked amazing as well!
So what do you think? How are you wrapping your presents this year?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Hey Everyone,
Recently I've been doing a few reviews of products that are great for the women in your lives but, with a month to go I think its now time for the men's turn!

Not all these gifts will be for every man but hopefully there's something for everyone, and maybe give you a bit of inspiration:
5. Mug

What have you got for the men in your life this Christmas? 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Great Stocking Filler: From Pukka With Love... Tea Tin!

Hey Everyone, 
Just wanted to make a quick post to tell you about a great idea for a stocking filler that would be perfect for a mother, grandmother, even a sister or just a tea lover! 
Its Pukka Herbs super cute tea tin... Pukka With love! 
In the Tin You get 40 Tea bags, 20 of the Love Teas, and 20 of Three Mint. Both come in small boxes which fit perfectly in the tin. You could not get any better packaging than this! and the best thing is that the tin can be re used after, perfect for storing your makeup brushes, or for use in the kitchen. 
 Both of the Tea's are Caffeine-Free, 100% Organically grown, and ethically sourced! This tin should suit everyone with the two options to pick from:
Love- Chamomile Flower, Limeflower, Elderflower, Marigold Petal, Licorice Root, Rose Flower, and Lavender Flower
Three Mint- Peppermint Leaf, Spearmint Leaf, and Fieldmint Leaf
 Each tea bag comes indivisually wrapped which I love as it helps keep them fresh and also great for throwing in your handbag for on the go or bringing with you to work. They are also on a string so its no fuss, and no need to find a spoon in the bottom of the kitchen draw!
 The instructions say to leave the tea bag in for around 5 minutes to get the best from it, but its personal choice and I no a lot of people that would probably just leave it in!
 This tin retails for €9.99 (£7.99) so really affordable and a great choice for a stocking filler this year! You can find it in independent health shops or on Pukka's website HERE! 

Have you tried Pukka tea? Do you think its a good stocking filler? 

Friday, 23 November 2012

My Current Foundation: Clinique Superbalanced

Hey Everyone,
Today's post is a review of my current foundation of choice... Clinique's Superbalanced foundation! I love this foundation and used it when I was about 16 then forgot about it for more than a few years, and then this year I was in Debenhams and for some reason decided to repurchase and have been in love with it ever since!
Aimed at: All Skin types but especially good for combination skins like mine as its moisturizing enough for the dry patches, without looking overly shiny on the oily parts. Its 100% fragrance free and oil free, which means its better for the skin and less likely to break me out (which a lot of fragranced products do as I also have very sensitive skin)

Clinique says: Clinique's great equaliser for combination skin. Provides moisture and absorbs oil where needed. Minimises appearance of fine lines. Helps protect skin from environmental damage. Apply to face and throat with fingers. Can be worn in the immediate eye area. For seamless look, dampen ends of fingers and blend into hair and jawline.

Packaging: It comes in a really pretty floral box (I had to add that in! its to pretty not to!). The product comes in a glass bottle, but its a pretty sturdy bottle which very thick glass (I'm not saying it would survive a fall on a titled floor but it must have a better chance of survival than other foundations I've used!) The glass is frosted which makes it seem extra luxurious.  The cap twists on and off to make sure your keeping the product air tight... to last longer! The one thing I don't like about this product is that it doesn't have a pump, which means if you don't have a steady hand you can sometimes pour out to much! however I've seen people buy a pump and fit it to the bottle so there's always that option!
Formula: I love this formula! Its obviously a liquid foundation, but its really creamy and feels amazing on! What I really like about this foundation is that its loose and thin enough to give you a great natural finish, which is good for the summer when your skin might be looking its best (and when u feel like u need less coverage). HOWEVER its really build-able (like seriously build-able!) So if you want more coverage just leave it a couple of minutes to sink into the skin and then reapply another layer and you have more coverage...Amazing!!

Finish: Really natural like your skin but way better, if your building it up to have more coverage its still looks really natural and not at all heavy! It gives what I would call a dewy glow, however all you have to do is give your skin a very slight powder and its matte! So its a really versatile foundation!

Pair it with: If you want to lose the dewy glow and stay a bit more matte then 17 at boots do a great powder which pairs perfectly with this foundation! 17 Shine Control Pressed Powder!
Price: I picked mine up from Debenhams for around €25, while then were having a sale day! But it normally retails for around the €29 mark. I have to say it is a little bit more pricey than drugstore but its totally worth it! If its better for my skin, and looks amazing then I would definitely repurchase. However waiting for a sale or discount day is definitely worth it to get a few €'s off!

Have you tried this Foundation? Whats your current foundation?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Emjoi Micro Pedi! ****Warning Pictures of Feet!****

Hey Everyone! 
Today's post is about an amazing product, The Micro Pedi so... just a warning in advance there will be pictures of feet in this post! If you don't wanna see these Pictures don't keep reading but if you are looking for a solution for dry feet, or a great present for a mother, grandmother, or aunt keep reading! 
The Micro Pedi is basically a super cool gadget which removes tough, rough, and hard skin, within seconds! It has a rotating abrasive roller which gently exfoliates away dry and dead skin. I generally get dry skin on the heel of my foot from walking and my foot ware. Previously I've used foil and metal gadgets to remove this but, that can sometimes be painful and damage my feet even more unlike this gadget! Which, I found to be amazing! My Micro Pedi is the Limited Edition Pink Pedi to help fight breast cancer, I love that they brought this out just another reason to support the brand! 

 So in the box you get your Micro Pedi, with a protective cap, and two mineral rollers! blue for extra coarse skin, and pink for coarse, as well as a small brush for cleaning! It takes two AA Battery and its easy to put them into the Pedi without hassle with a simple but impressive twist suction cap at the base of the handle. I went for the blue roller straight away to test out the product! Its results were immediate from the first second of rolling it over my skin, I was seriously amazed with how well it worked! 


The After picture was only about 3 minutes of use just to show you how good this product is! Afterwards I changed to the pink roller which is slightly less coarse to smooth, similar to how you change nail files to smooth!  

Another Woman Who absolutely loves this product is Siobhán Manson, being lead dancer with Riverdance Siobhan needs to look after her feet and shes a huge fan of this product! 
This Video (HERE!) Siobhán talks about the Micro Pedi, and her top three beauty tips at a behind the scenes photo shoot with Lili Forberg!
You can find the Micro Pedi in Boots and Large Pharmacies all over Ireland and England, they also have a website:
And the Product retails for around the €49 mark!

Have you tried the Micro Pedi? Or do you have another product which you rely on to keep your feet in tip top condition?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wasing Your Makeup Brushes

Hey Everyone,
This post is pretty simple and something that everyone should do but a lot of people don't, here's... the quick and easy way of cleaning your brushes. When cleaning your brushes its important to choose a cleaning product that will keep the brushes in good condition while also being kind to your face. There are a lot of cleaning products available by makeup brands but I think the best cleaning product is actually Johnson's baby shampoo is gentle and mild so its perfect!

Step1: Rinse your brush under the tap
Step2: Squeeze a small amount of your chosen cleaning product into your hand
Step 3: keeping the brush pointing down swirl it into the product, swirl for a couple of minutes to work it into bristles
Step 4: Rinse well
Step 5: Repeat and Rinse again
Step 6: Repeat as many times as needed and really make sure the product is completely rinsed off
Step 7: Gently squeeze out as much water as possible and while damp reshape your brush
Step 8: Leave to dry
  • Always point your brush down (Brush head down) to avoid water going into the brush effecting the glue which holds the bristles together, meaning the brush could shed or completely fall apart. Also its just not nice to have water going stale in the brush handle!
  • Use little shampoo otherwise you'll be rinsing for ages and its better to repeat the process using small amount than to use a lot and be left with shampoo redisdue on your bristles
  • If your prone to breakouts use a gentle shampoo rather than a cleansing oil
  • Reshape your brush, if you don't your brushes might spray out and become tatty
  • When leaving your brushes to dry don't leave them ontop of a heater or raditator as this will damage the brissels
  • Leave your brushes to dry on some tissue or a clean towel in a warm room so that they can air dry naturally

I hope someone finds this useful! What products do you use to clean your brushes?

Competition Giveaway Winner!

Hey Everyone,
So I've been away this week I had to go home for family reasons but I'm back and have lots of posts for you! But Because I've been away it means I'm a bit late announcing the winner of my giveaway well here it goes...

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks to everyone who entered and I can't wait till I get to do another one! Don't forget to look out for more posts this week as I missed out on posting while at home!

Hope everyone's well! :) x
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