Wednesday, 28 November 2012

DIY: Christmas Vintage Style Wrapping

Hey Everyone,
Today's post is a fairly festive one! I just wanted to tell you about how I've decided to wrap my presents this year, I've put a classic/vintage feel to it... by going traditional with brown paper based wrapping and old fashion twine string!

This Thrifty but stylish way of wrapping is pretty cheap but still pretty! Forget your bows and frills this Christmas and keep it traditional for a amazing look. I also love brown paper based wrapping as its so much more Eco friendly and bio degradable than a lot of shiny foil style wrapping, whilst looking stylish! 
I picked up the two different rolls of paper for €2 each at Tesco (each roll was 3 meters), What a BARGIN!   and I seriously love it! I also got some twine/string at my local Post Office for €1.99 and it can look just as pretty as ribbon (If not more so... In my opinion!) 
 I alternate with different presents how I tie the string!
for some I double over (twist at the back)...

For others I use a small amount of string to tie a single bow!
Something else I love about this paper is there is a grid at the back of the paper which is great for cutting, and using to line up your presents to keep wrapping super neat!

In Tesco I found another great find for just over €1... A sticker book! A really great way of making sure you know who's presents are who's. A cheap, and effective, not to mention cute way of tagging your presents! There's 75 stickers and two alternating sheets of different designs.
 Lastly I picked up two small rolls of sticky tape for €1... WHAT?? BARGIN!! 

 And... Here's how they look! I tied some of the presents in piles with the string which looked amazing as well!
So what do you think? How are you wrapping your presents this year?


  1. I love this! Wrapping presents is one of my all time favourite things to do lol :D

  2. Love this! I'm wrapping all of mine with my university's newspaper, it's free! I've got a box of 4 different colour ribbons too, only £2 x

    1. Thank you! Wow such a good idea, sounds fab! :) x

  3. Aw this looks so nice, the string adds such a nice effect!

    1. Thank you! I love it, It reminds me of old parcels! :) x

  4. I'm also going with the brown paper based idea this year. My new tree is decorated in chocolate browns and bronze variations. Always nice to keep the wrapping to the theme!


    1. Sounds lovely!! I really love brown paper! :) x

  5. These look so nice! They have a vintage feel to them :)I'm the worst at wrapping presents, if it's not in a box shape then I can't wrap it!

    Thank you for leaving your link on the bbloggers chat wed!

    1. Thank you! Lol well the grids on the back really helps and if all else fails the cracker style is great if you can't wrap presents great! :) x

  6. Ooh this is such a nice idea, I really want to wrap my presents like this now xx


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