Friday, 30 November 2012

DIY: Simple and Cute Personalized Present Tag

Hey Everyone, 
Today's Post is a follow up from my Vintage style wrapping in my last post which you can find HERE! 
Its a really simple way of making a personalized Tag to put on your presents! 

You Will Need:
Garden Wire/ Or another type of wire
Twine or String
Metallic Paint of your choice

Making the Tag:
1. Make a loop with wire
2. Wrap Wire around the loop to stiffen and create extra strength
3. Snip of the end of the wire and shape (you could create stars, trees, hearts, or whatever you can think of!)
 4. Wrap your chosen twine or string all the way around the shape 
 5. Then wined in and out the shape building up the shape to make it 3D, Make it as neat or shabby chick as you want!
 6. Knot the end of the string to another piece within the shape 
7. Pour out some of your chosen paint put some on your finger or a brush dab off onto tissue to get rid of excess then dab onto the shape 
 8. Leave to dry then attach to your present! 

So What do you think? Are you personalizing your presents in anyway?


  1. This is such a lovely idea for Christmas! I would love to try something like that I am really getting into crafts lately! x

    1. Thank you! Me 2! I love crafty posts great for ideas! :) x

  2. This is cool, I will soo try this out

    1. Thanks! I think its just a nice added extra! :) x

  3. Fun and cute. The gift is cheap but unique. I think I can make one for my boy friend.

  4. I love this im all about diy shabby chic bits and bobs haha and it looks great with the polka dot paper x

  5. This is the cutest thing ever! Love it. Will definetly be trying this out.

    Mhairi x

  6. Replies
    1. thanks! Loving brown paper this year and thought it was a nice addition! :) x


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