Thursday, 22 November 2012

Emjoi Micro Pedi! ****Warning Pictures of Feet!****

Hey Everyone! 
Today's post is about an amazing product, The Micro Pedi so... just a warning in advance there will be pictures of feet in this post! If you don't wanna see these Pictures don't keep reading but if you are looking for a solution for dry feet, or a great present for a mother, grandmother, or aunt keep reading! 
The Micro Pedi is basically a super cool gadget which removes tough, rough, and hard skin, within seconds! It has a rotating abrasive roller which gently exfoliates away dry and dead skin. I generally get dry skin on the heel of my foot from walking and my foot ware. Previously I've used foil and metal gadgets to remove this but, that can sometimes be painful and damage my feet even more unlike this gadget! Which, I found to be amazing! My Micro Pedi is the Limited Edition Pink Pedi to help fight breast cancer, I love that they brought this out just another reason to support the brand! 

 So in the box you get your Micro Pedi, with a protective cap, and two mineral rollers! blue for extra coarse skin, and pink for coarse, as well as a small brush for cleaning! It takes two AA Battery and its easy to put them into the Pedi without hassle with a simple but impressive twist suction cap at the base of the handle. I went for the blue roller straight away to test out the product! Its results were immediate from the first second of rolling it over my skin, I was seriously amazed with how well it worked! 


The After picture was only about 3 minutes of use just to show you how good this product is! Afterwards I changed to the pink roller which is slightly less coarse to smooth, similar to how you change nail files to smooth!  

Another Woman Who absolutely loves this product is Siobhán Manson, being lead dancer with Riverdance Siobhan needs to look after her feet and shes a huge fan of this product! 
This Video (HERE!) Siobhán talks about the Micro Pedi, and her top three beauty tips at a behind the scenes photo shoot with Lili Forberg!
You can find the Micro Pedi in Boots and Large Pharmacies all over Ireland and England, they also have a website:
And the Product retails for around the €49 mark!

Have you tried the Micro Pedi? Or do you have another product which you rely on to keep your feet in tip top condition?


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    1. Yeah Superb, The official website of is lunched now. You can get emjoi micro pedi from here in very cheap rate. You can also join the club micro pedi to get more discount on refills etc.


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