Monday, 12 November 2012

NYC Battle of the Lips: Lipstick v's Lipstain

Hey Everyone,
Todays post is Battle of the NYC Lip products. Lipstick V's Lipstain... I had never tried a Lipstain before and wanted to compare it, to see if it could rival
 the classic lipstick!

The Lip products that are battling it out are: 
Top: NYC Smooch Proof 16h Lipstain Orange On The Go 504
Below: NYC Lipstick in Peach Fizz 433
First off the colours... I chose these too as I thought they were both of orange tones! The stain is more of a florescent orange, which I would definitely not normally pick however the pink of the lips does balance out a lot of the brightness. The lipstick on the other hand, is a more peachy tone but what I was not expecting was the amount of gold shimmer in it!

The Lipstain is very dry and drying, I would recommend making sure your lips are in tip top condition before using a stain. Lots of lip balm to stop them looking dry and cracked. The colour was OK when applied as my natural lip shade dulled it down, however the formula did not agree with my lips and made them feel sore (hopefully this is just me and not a general opinion). The lip stain has a nib like a marker, is the same kind of texture as one would be, and felt strange to apply. A bonus is that it kinda smelt like penny sweets!

The Lipstick was also surprisingly drying, not a creamy lipstick like I would usually go for. It did however have a surprisingly high quantity of gold shimmer through it which made it look almost metallic on, so if you like gold or shimmer lipsticks this is definitely for you! I don't really like gold glitter or shimmer (for the lips that is) nor would I normally wear metallic so all in all not for me, if however it had just been the peach undertone I might have loved it! 

So who wins Battle of the NYC lip products, well it has to be the classic lipstick! I just wasn't impressed by how drying the stain was, the formula did not agree with me, and although the lipstick was not to my taste the formula was ok for a budget lipstick and it might be nice as a accent if applied sparingly over a nude lipstick! 

What do you prefer Lipstain or Lipstick? Have you tried either of these products? 


  1. Too bad about the lipstain because it looks really beautiful on you! I haven't had much luck with drugstore lipstains either... YSL makes a gorgeous one but it's pricey!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

    1. Thanks so much! reallly didn't like it, made my lips look really cracked and irritated them! oh really sounds interesting may have to investigate that lol! :) x

  2. i find lip stains drying also, and i have quite dry lips to begin with, but it does look fab on! so what ashame :(

    im now following your blog thankyou for sending me your link :)
    Http:// xxx

  3. There are something that can trouble women about their makeup, including having to spend time redoing their lipstick or lip gloss throughout the day. So, using a lip stain is a great solution. This product can keep the long lasting coloring on lips all day long.

    1. I agree as long as you don't have a reaction or it looks really drying on your lips like it did for me!
      Hannah :)


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