Thursday, 13 December 2012

A-Z of Favourite's!

Hey Everyone, 
Today's post is an A-Z, I will probably do a separate A-Z for beauty, skincare and blogging things but this is just every day favourite's of things, foods, people, places, etc... Hope you enjoy! 

I studied art, I still Love it, and I just like to get creative every now and again!
Obviously lol! Since I started my blog it really has changed my life I've learnt so much, talked, and met some lovely people, and grown in confidence... long may it continue!
We became friends back when I first started getting into beauty. I haven't got that many friends that are girls don't no why but we hit it off straight away and I literally would be lost without her! She recently started a blog so you can check that out HERE! and I did the blog design so yay!
I can't dance like for the life of me (I think its because I used to Irish dance when I was little, and it was so regimented that now I can't move without instruction) but anyway, the type of dancing I mean is goofy dancing, around the house, (or outside) whenever u feel like it!
I don't know what I'd do without being able to email! Its like an instant letter and I love receiving nice or interesting emails!
Because I love them all!
My favorite colour!
I really miss home... I've been living in Dublin for 4 years now and I really miss the relaxing attitude/pace of life in the country!
I=Ice Cream
I don't really like Ice Cream... but I do love Pistasio Ice Cream! I dunno why I don't like Ice Cream but like this flavour, I just do!
I'm a qualified secondary school teacher, but My dream job would be to own a bakery
I'm loving big knitted woolly jumpers at the minute!
I love music couldn't go a day without listening to a song
N=New Girl
My favourite TV programme and Jess reminds me, of me lol! (IMAGE SOURCE)
Up until this summer, I was in the I don't get them camp when it came to Onsies, but then my cousins where staying with me and they brought them and they just looked so cosy and warm... I had to join in the club and I brought one this week for winter!
Specifically lemon and raisin scotch pancakes (drop scones to others) (IMAGE SOURCE)
Mistakes are the portals of discovery!
I love to read and discover new books, its like an escape for me!
I have an addiction that cannot be cured and its shopping! Even when I don't have money, I still love window shopping. My main problem is being a blogger I'm constantly seeing new products I want to try which is not good for the bank balance!
Possibly the best chocolate bar in the world! I love it but as far as I know Cadburys only sell in Ireland (correct me if I'm wrong!) ...but its Cadburys chocolate, fruit, and biscuit= ammaazzing!
I don't read magazines to often but if I do pick one up it is usually this, and even better because its Irish! (IMAGE SOURCE)
Because Although I don't drink anymore I still collect limited edition and unusual Absolut bottles (IMAGE SOURCE)
My favourite drink... I don't like fizzy drinks really (apart from 7up) and I don't like squash's, so I love Water!
I actually can't think of an X! any suggestions?
I don't no what i'd do with my spare time if it wasn't for YouTube I discovered the beauty world here and i have learnt so much since!
I'm a Gemini (IMAGE SOURCE)

Do you have any favorites the same as mine?


  1. Cute post, i love New Girl too <3

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. This was a really lovely post, I love learning more about other bloggers! I wish I was good at art, I'm so jealous. I love your vodka bottle collection, thats so cool! And onsies are just amazing


    1. Thanks! lol onsies are so amazing and cosy can't believe how much of a convert I am lol! :) x

  3. Thanks for such a cute post Hannah, i'd be lost without you too!!!..Don't how or why we hit it off either!!!..I usually don't do 'girl' friends either!!!lol Love u!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Your welcome! Thanks for keeping me sane! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. x= xmas hahah sorry thats all I can come up with lol but really nice post!

    1. LOL dunno why I didn't think of that lol! Thanks! :) x

  5. Who is your favourite character in New Girl? I ADORE Schmitt!

    1. Mines Nic cause I kinda fancy him! lol sssshhhhh!
      But yer Schmitt is hillarious! :) x


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