Saturday, 15 December 2012

Gift Idea: Christmas Care Package

Hey Everyone,
So just one more gift ideas post before Christmas, and its the best one of all!
It's my Christmas Care package! 
Unfortunately I haven't been able to do it this year, (due to the fact that i'm STILL job hunting) but this is usually the way I go when buying for my close friends! 
I think grabbing a box and filling it with lots of treats is just the perfect way to treat your friends or sisters, and literally can be adapted anyway to make it suitable for anyone as its your choice what you put in it!
 Here's a few ideas from me!...

Have you created a care package for someone this Christmas?


  1. Oh this is such a good idea! I love the lipstick, this would be amazing for a bestfriend


    1. Yer I really love little care packages there great gifts for friends! and you can pick and choose things you love or things you know they love! :) x

  2. Those socks look so cosy and comfy! Great blog!
    Olivia x

  3. I got a couple of these last year and they are brilliant gifts. It feels like Mary Poppins magic bag...!
    JS xx

    1. Yer i think so to! Hopefully i'll be able to do these again next yr! :) x


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