Monday, 3 December 2012

NYC City Mono Eye Shadows 920 A-Lister (Dupe for MAC Vanilla Pigment)

Hey Everyone,

A popular product for highlighting and illuminating with beauty gurus everywhere is MAC's vanilla pigment... but I have a dupe for you at fraction of the price! 

NYC's Eye shadow 920 A-Lister! Although not a pigment it is in my opinion a complete dupe for the popular MAC Vanilla, and a bargain as well! 
Its a beautiful white eye shadow with a lovely pearl/frost, and a really soft shadow. Its obviously not as pigmented as the MAC product but for the price a fantastic shadow! 
I love it popped into the inner corner of my eye to brighten and illuminate  it also can be used as a subtle highlighter by using on a large brush and sweeping over the brow and cheek bones! 

So a short but sweet post just to share with you a new found dupe!
Do you know any must have dupes for an expensive product? 


  1. Oh that is such a close match! May have to pick this up :) xx


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