Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Turning Over A New Leaf: Facebook

Hey Everyone,
my Facebook account has pretty much gone neglected up until now...From now on I am going to be trying harder at keeping it up to date and posting there as well as twitter. I will still be using twitter just as much but I also would like to update my Facebook for those that use it also!

If you would like to Like my Facebook Page you can do so HERE! If you have a page please do leave me your Links and I will like them also!

Monday, 30 December 2013

My Christmas

Hey Everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Some of you might know I was in London for most of Christmas this year, so now I'm back I thought I would share with you some of my pics of my Christmas this year! 
/Willow&Clo Christmas Party/ Tea and Cake at Marker Hotel/ Marker Hotel/ Making Cake Pop's With Chloe/ Christmas Lights on Wicklow Street/ Christmas Tree In London/ Celebrations/Me and Sarah Catching Up In London/My Christmas Jumper From Missi Clothing/

The Christmas Jumper was kindly given to me by Missi Clothing a British wholesalers and manufacturers, I thought it was so cute. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter!

If you are interested in seeing what I got for Christmas just let me know and I will also do a haul post!

*Not A Sponsored Post! I mentioned Missi Clothing because I like the Jumper that they gifted me!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hope You're All Having A Merry Christmas!

Hey Everyone, 
I just wanted to say a quick belated Happy Christmas! I hope you are all enjoying the festive period and that Santa treated you all well! 
Lots of love,

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Happy Blog Birthday

Hey Everyone,
I can hardly believe I have been blogging for three years and today is Love, Life and Makeup's 2nd Birthday! 
I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog and to the other bloggers who make this a lovely community to be a part of! x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Create Your Own Manicure This Festive Season

Hey Everyone,
we're in the middle of the party season and with festive nail art being so popular at the moment I thought I would share with you my favourite products to create your own manicure:

1. Base Coat:
I always like to use a base coat as I find it helps the polish stay longer and also smoothes and perfects the nail before applying nail polish. This recovery base coat for brittle nails is perfect to keep your nails strong and cared for.

2. Top Coat:
A top coat will also help with the longevity of your nail art, and smooth the appearance of the nail. This brilliance high gloss top coat will make sure your nails are looking there best.

3. Quick Dry:
Nail art can be seriously time consuming as you have to wait for each colour to dry before apply the next but with this 60 second drying quick dry solution you don't have to wait long before completing your design.

4. Emery Boards:
Filing your nails before you start your manicure will perfect the shape and appearance of your nail. These 280 grit for normal nails emery board will help you to easily shape your nails.

5. Dotting Tool:
If you have never created nail art before this dotting tool is a great solution to creating pretty designs quickly and easily.

6. Coloured Nail Polish:
There is a great Professional range of nail polish from Jessica with smaller extra fine brushes to help you create your nail art with precision. There are so many colours to choose from and help you create the perfect festive manicure.

I have linked all the products above in case you are interested in them, and they are all available online at Gerrard International. Also if you can't create your own manicure why not find your nearest manicure salon online.

Have you created your own nail art recently?

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Hey Everyone,
if you are looking for last minute presents here is my 'Gift Guide For Her':
1. Clarisonic:
This is the perfect gift for a girl obsessed with skincare. This form of cleansing has become increasingly popular of late and the new Mia2 is no exception. This is definitely something I will be saving for next year. 

2. Willow&Clo Jewellery Set:
What girl doesn't want a beautiful piece of jewellery for christmas, and with thirteen stunning sets to choose from Willow&Clo has something for everyone.

3. Body Shop Gift Sets:
The Body Shop is really leading the way in beautiful Gift Sets, whether its for someone who loves beauty products or someone who deserves to be pampered The Body Shop has something for everyone. I especially love This Snowman Set containing both a body butter and scrub as well as this  
Smokey Rose Set which I recently went back and picked up as a present for a member of my family. The Body Shop is also great for all budgets! 

4. Handbag:
A handbag can be a risky option as there is so many to choose from and it can depend on the style of the person you are buying for, but its also a guaranteed winner. Fushia is so on trend at the moment, although it will take a true fashionista to pull this Mulberry Bag off! 

5. Clothes:
Are a brilliant option for a woman, just make sure you know there size to avoid insult. If you are really worried there is always the gift card option. I picked this Pink BlouseFluffy Jumper and Blue Dress as I think they are three options that would suit a range of ages and styles! 

What have you asked for this Christmas?

Monday, 16 December 2013

Gift Guide: Food Gifts - Fudge

Hey Everyone,
this weekend I went home to Kerry to give my family their presents early as I'm spending Christmas in London this year.

As a nice last minute little touch and after seeing the food gifts series on Sorted Food I thought I would make some fudge. I especially had one family member in mind as I had made her a hamper with some foods and beauty products, although I ended up making more for everyone else as well.
Check out Sorted Food for more food gift videos. I'll also insert the video below for you, encase you want to attempt this amazing fudge...

What Food Gift Would You Like To Receive? 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: Wrapping Presents

Hey Everyone,
last year I shared with you how I wrapped my presents along with a little DIY and so this year I thought I'd share how I wrapped a hamper (Hamper Gift Guide HERE!) as well as some images I found on Pinterest to give inspiration for wrapping your presents...

Last week I posted my Gift Guide idea for a Christmas Hamper, so I thought I would show you what it looked like after I had wrapped it. It was really simple to do and I think it makes a lovely present. I lined the basket with tissue paper and filled it with the presents wrapped in two different types of paper. For cylindrical objects I tied twine into a bow at the top to make a half cracker like effect.

I then went searching on Pinterest for some wrapping inspiration for you...

Photograph Tags:
This is such a sweet Idea... Instead of writing names on presents you could attach a photograph of the person or of yourself and the person the gift is for, so they know who it is from.

Leaves and Brown Paper:
You don't have to stick to shop brought gift tags, making your own can be lovely and why not decorate with some festive holly or foliage

Knitted Wrapping:
This is definitely one for the creative, such an amazing alternative to using loads of paper. You could even make a scarf to wrap the present in, a two in one gift.

Paint Splash:
Have fun with your wrapping, getting a roll of cheap brown paper and decorating it with paint or pens is a unique way to stand out from the crowd. It would be especially cute if your children decorated it for other members of the family, so meaningful and a fun job for them to do also. 

Unique Gift Tags:
A few sprigs and twigs from a tree attached to a name tag can be really beautiful and simple ways to tag and decorate a present. Especially if it is from a Christmas tree (they smell amazing also), watch out for the pines though... ouch!

Ornament Tags:
Last but not least is using tree ornaments as tags you could even write the year and the persons name on the ornament to be re-used and something to remind them of you next year when it gets hung on the tree!

How will you be wrapping your presents this year?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

Hey Everyone,
one of the most common things I hear in the run up to Christmas from friends is that they don't know what to get the men in their lives. I thought I would try and give some inspiration with my 'Gift Guide For Him':

1. PS4:
The talk of the season, however the most pricey present on the list. Last time I check this was pretty much sold out everywhere unless you were one of the lucky ones that pre-ordered it. There is always the option of ordering it anyway and giving them a gift of a game so they know it is on its way.

2. Skincare/Grooming Kits:
This is a such a unique idea, to make up a grooming kit with all their favorites from hair gel to aftershave. If you know someone who is into skincare this could also be a great gift otherwise you could introduce them to it with minis (Boots have a great selection). I love Sapien Men, its Organic and Vegan. It also has a great range and with masculine packaging you really can't go wrong! 

3. DVDs:
Everyone loves to receive some DVD's in their stocking from Santy. Maybe there is a film he wanted to see but missed in the cinema, or that he just wanted to add to his collection. Pacific Rim, World War Z, and Man Of Steel were all popular this year!

4. Foodie:
They say the way to a man's heart is through his belly so why not gift him one of the amazing food gift sets out this year. I love both this Jamie Oliver Set and The Guinness Steak Set, whats even better is he has no excuse not to be cooking up a storm once Christmas is over. 

5. Clothing:
Finally on my 'Gift Guide For Him' is Clothing. He can never have too many clothes, and it's your chance to give him something you like. I would say if you are going to buy clothes make sure its something he will feel comfortable in, from previous experience I can honestly say he won't wear it if he doesn't. T-shirts are always great because they can be styled in his own way like this Stripey Top. This Blue Shirt  is super cool and great for the festive season, as you never know when a last minute night out might happen. Lastly there's always the option of a cute or stylish Christmas Jumper like this Reindeer one from Topman.

What are you getting the men in your life this year?

Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Hamper

Hey Everyone,
as you get older it becomes harder and harder to think of new gift ideas to get people, or even think of something you haven't already got them (or that they don't already have). This is where the 'Gift Hamper' comes in, A gift hamper is a great way of creating a unique present for a loved one and you can make it fit in with any budget. It could be filled with bits and pieces you know they love, and it doesn't even have to be food. It could be a beauty/pamper hamper, or a mixture of things like the one I created below:
1. Gift Basket/Hamper:
I would start off by deciding your budget and what you want to include, so you know the size of basket you need. Ikea, Tiger, HomeStore and More, and even Penneys have little storage baskets that could easily be turned into a base for your hamper.

2. Favourite Foods:
If you want to include food I would just be aware of use by dates obviously jams, chutneys, biscuits etc are more than likely going to fine for a while but anything homemade or perishable probably shouldn't be brought until nearer the time your exchanging gifts otherwise you could be handing over a moldy basket! Not nice!

3. Candle:
Candles are always lovely to include if your hamper is for someone of the age that they appreciate that sort of gift. There are so many on the market, whether its a smelly one or a christmassy one like this advent candle I found in Tiger Stores.

4. Napkins:
Napkins, both paper and cloth can bulk out your hamper if you're on a lower budget. They are cheap and you can find so many festive ones at the moment, they can make a nice addition.

5. Candle holder:
Decorative bits and pieces for the festive season make lovely gifts whether its an ornament for the tree or a candle holder like this one from Ikea.

6. Festive Table Decorations:
I thought these where so cute, I found them in Tiger Stores and I thought they were perfect. You could even attach pictures or name cards for the people that will be around their table.

7. Selection of Favourite Beauty treats:
Last but not least a beauty treat to pamper and treat yourself this Christmas. The Body Shop and Boots have lovely affordable sets that would make a lovely addition to any hamper. Alternatively Boots have the little mini's of beauty products which can be cheaper and gives you the more unique option of being able to pick. I found this Sanctuary set in Boots which I think is a lovely gift whether included in the hamper or on its own.

What would you include in a hamper?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dressing For The Party Season

Hey Everyone,
with the festive party season nearly upon us I thought I would share with you a few outfit ideas. Whether it's a work Christmas party or just a night out with friends there's something to suit everyone!

1. Tradition Red Dress:
Outfit number one is probably the most traditional festive party outfit. This pretty red Oasis dress will flatter due to the draping fabric but the lace adds an extra feminine touch to take a traditional option and create an on trend look. These shoes from Zara are so amazing! I wish I could walk in a heel that tall because these are a perfect accompaniment to any outfit. 

2. Jumpsuit with a pop of colour:
If dresses aren't your thing a jumpsuit is a great alternative. I love this one from Warehouse because its fitted and will therefore give you a great silhouette. It is a bit more covered up and structured than wearing a dress, but you can add in the fun element with a pop of colour. I teamed it with these Boohoo.com red shoes. These shoes are seriously cool and will definitely make a statement, the strap whilst very popular this A/W will also provide a bit more stability. 

3. My Favourite:
I am so in love with this dress, it is something a little bit different and if you are into the rebel punky look this season this Zara dress is definitely for you. I LOVEEEE IT! I teamed in with these belt and chain boots from Aldo. A good pair of going out boots are essential, ankle boots have risen in popularity this year meaning a wider variety are out there on the high street. 

4. Collared Playsuit:
Last but not least is this Playsuit from Zara. This is probably my second favourite outfit from my picks, I think its cool and wearable. Collared pieces aren't usually my cup of tea but with the combination between the sheer fabric I think it is a lot more wearable. I couldn't not re-use the Aldo boots again they go with everything, and when wearing a playsuit its hard to know what shoes to wear with it...(high heels sometimes feels like there's too much leg and flats to casual) Boots are great and give the outfit a punk vibe. 

What will you be wearing this party season?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lipstick Loves: Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick L18

Hey Everyone,
I recently found this Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick in the shade L18 whilst looking through my makeup collection. Having never even heard of the brand before I presume I must have gotten it in a goodie bag or been given it by a friend. In any case I thought I would give it a try...
I never normally go for a lipstick this bright (tomato red), but I actually really liked it. The formulas a bit strange the only way I can describe it is as a creamy matte. The packaging is not the nicest, it's just black plastic and the shade isn't named but the product is so good I like it anyway. It lives up to its name of 'Long Wearing', only having to re-apply after eating. All in all it's a fun red lipstick that is great for this time of year.

Whats your favourite red lipstick at the moment?

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Hey Everyone,
I recently joined Instagram (llandmakeup) and I am officially in love... I think it is an amazing way of sharing updates. So, I thought I would share a few of my most recent pic's with you:

Are you on Instagram?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Top 5 Styling Tools For The Party Season

Hey Everyone,
with December fast approaching I thought I would share with you my 'Top Five Styling tools' to keep your hair looking fabulous this party season!
1. Sleep In Roller:
I love rollers to create soft bouncy curls with loads of volume and texture. I use Velcro rollers while I'm getting ready, but lately I've heard rave reviews about these soft sleep in rollers. I'm now despret to try them. Whats great about these is you can put them in the night before, and wake up with the perfect hair. Due to the fact that are made of sponge they are more comfortable to sleep in than the regular rollers. The other option is to put them into dampened hair an hour before a night out and use the drying hood (that's also now for available) which attaches to your regular hair dryer. 

2. Babyliss Pro Rebel Conical Wand:
In the last couple of years the Conical Wand curlers have become increasingly popular. The barrel of the curler increases in size to make a cone like shape, this means the curls are more natural looking as it is not a uniform size. I really love Babyliss they make great styling tools, and my first ever straightener was Babyliss so I always have a nostalgic love of the brand.

3. GHD Ruby Gift Set:
GHD's are still my number one go to brand for hair straighteners, I have never found another tool I find as good for straightening my hair. This ruby set is especially cute for the festive period. If your really skilled with a GHD it can even double up as a curling tool.

4. Babyliss Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Crimping Iron:
With the 80's back in vogue this year why not try out a bit of crimping. I have to say I was a bit of a fan in my younger days. (Tip: don't team it with lots of multicoloured bows, that's a little bit too 80's!)

5. Babyliss Porcelain Triple Barrel Waver:
Another Babyliss product (I told you I loved them). This is something I've only recently discovered and I think it is amazing, it creates soft rolling curls super quickly and almost gives that 1920's vintage look. 

I have linked all the products above in case you are interested in them, and they are all available online at Pauls Hair World. Also something I didn't mention in my top five which is available if your a girl who likes big voluminous hair for the party season are fun and funky additional lengths hair extensions.

What would be in your 'Top Five'?
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Body Shop Christmas Launch Event

Hey Everyone,
last week the lovely Donna Marie from The Body Shop invited me to their Christmas Launch Event. It was a lovely evening and it was so amazing to see some of the #irishbbloggers ladies! On the night we heard about all the new products out for Christmas this year as well as a fantastic makeup tutorial, and some eyebrow threading.
/Makeup Tutorial/Threading/Beautiful Plum Eye Pallette/ Advent Calender/

I can't complete this post without commenting on my revelation of the night...threading. Being a serial over plucker of my eyebrows I was just a little bit scared of the threading, but after a bit of convincing by the girls I was in the chair. I was seriously amazed by the results and spent the rest of the night raving about how good it was!
/#irishbbloggers/Christmas Sponges/Lollipop Set/Snowman Tin Set/

The Body Shop really knows how to create beautiful gifts for the Christmas period, there really is something for everyone. Their new cranberry fragranced products are seriously festive and smell incredible.
There's a few bits and pieces I will definitely be going back to pick up for friends gifts.

Have you seen the Christmas sets yet? Have you tried threading before?

Friday, 15 November 2013

A Look For The Party Season: Lancome Hypnose Star Eyes Saphir Noir

Hey Everyone,
A couple of weeks ago I received this beautiful new product from Lancome... the Hypnose Star Eyes in the shade Saphir Noir. Its a beautiful deep navy, almost charcoal like colour. The consistency is really strange at first, its like half way between a pigment and a cream eye shadow. It is both a lovely eyeliner or smudged out for a smokey eye.
I thought I would show you a smokey eye look perfect for the coming party season:
1. I cleansed my face, and completed my usual skincare regime
2. I pressed the product through my crease and outer corner smoked it out, and then press some more down on the outer corner for a more dramatic effect.
3. Using the small brush that comes with the product I brought some of the shadow down under my eye
4. I used Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eye Liner in Extra Black to create a thin line just to add definition.
5. I next used my YSL Touche Eclat in 2.5 (My new favourite under eye concealer/highlight) in the inner corner and just under the eye to get rid of any fall out and to brighten up the eye area.
6. Lastly I added a quick sweep of my YSL Babydoll Mascara in the shade 4 Violet Indiscret (Such amazing packaging) just to the top lashes to add a bit of drama and open up the eye.
...and here is the finished look, I love it I think its pretty but not to overpowering. A perfect eye shadow look for the party season especially with the shimmer in the shadow which gives it the wow factor.

What do you think?
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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

FOTD: How Much Is My Face Worth

Hey Everyone,
I've seen this tag floating around for some time and I thought it would be interesting to find out just how much my daily makeup costs. As well as what I actually use daily without even realizing.

Products Used:
-Urban Decay Naked Pallette (Virgin and Naked) = €30 (Approx)
-Mac Pro Longwear Concelar (NC15) = €15 (Approx)
- Loreal Caresse Lipstick (202 Impulsive Fushia) = €11.99
- Essence Eyebrow Pencil (02 Brown) = €1 (Approx)
-Mac Mineralize Skinfinish (Soft and Gentle) = €22 (Approx)
-Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (001 Transparent) = €5.99
-Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer = €8.99
-Catrice All Round Mascara (Black) = €3 (Approx)
Total =€97.97
That is a lot of money, but not as much as I expected. Spread over the time it takes for me to finish each product it is probably a reasonable amount. I had to work on mostly approximates, because I either couldn't find the exact price or the price might have changed since I brought the product.

How much is your face worth?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Kiehl's "A Wonderland Of Giving" Event

Hey Everyone,
on Thursday I was invited to the Kiehl's "A Wonderland Of Giving" Event. The event was to celebrate the collaboration with New York Artist Eric Haze, and show off the new designs for the Christmas period. This is Kiehl’s 5th Limited Edition Holiday Collection, and the new limited-edition artwork by Haze is on Kiehl’s products, shopping bags and gift boxes.
The new packaging is bright, fun, and perfect for the festive season. It can be seen on the products Creme de Corps (I recently review this HERE!), Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter, and Ultra Facial Cream. They are also doing festive gift sets where customers have the option of customizing the set, choosing the products they love... Pretty cool! 

Not only were we celebrating the new designs but also because proceeds from the sale of this collection will benefit a children's charity through Kiehl's Gives.

What do you think of the new limited edition packaging?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Guest Post: Scarlet Pout - The History of Red Lipstick

Hey Everyone,
Today I have a interesting guest post from Selina Torres  who writes on behalf of Glisten, a new skin care company. When Selina said she was looking to guest post about the history of the red lipstick I jumped at the chance, it is different to my usual style so I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Vivid red lips send a strong message. It is a message of confidence, sophistication, charisma and sexuality. Always wanting to look a bit different from our peers, we decorate our faces hoping to be more distinguishable to the opposite sex and to express individuality or a political statement. The scarlet pout is no exception. Here I will examine the intriguing history of the phenomenon that prompted Shakespeare make the following point in Hamlet “God has given you one face and you make yourselves another.”

Ancient Mesopotamia, 2500 to 1000 BC
Women used crushed semi-precious jewels to decorate their lips and to accent their eyes. What pains they went to be beautiful! This is where the history of lipstick officially starts, but it is speculated that humans may have used berries to stain the skin since the beginning of our species. An interesting finding is pointed out in Skin: A Natural History, which is that people may have painted their bodies even before they started covering up with clothes based on archeological findings.

Egypt, 2000 BC to 100 AD
Cleopatra used crushed carmine beetles to color her lips red. Ancient Egyptians also used red clay, rust, henna, iodine, seaweed, and bromine mannite (a poisonous compound made from alcohol sugar and a halogen element). Cosmetics were a status symbol for both men and women, as well as used for medicinal purposes. The poisonous element in the lipstick wasn’t used for long, but it really adds a special something to the old saying, “beauty is pain”.

Medieval Europe
Lipstick was banned by the church because it was believed to be Satanic. Reserving lipstick for prostitutes, it was never worn by ladies with class. The pope ordered that all cosmetics be banned except for light pink colors as long as they looked natural. The light pink symbolized innocence for a woman, and was therefore acceptable.

England 1500’s
Red lips set perfectly in a pale white face gained popularity largely due to Queen Elizabeth I. She made a bold statement that influenced many women to wear red lipstick with pride.
Queen Elizabeth I sat for a portrait with her signature look
France, 1600s
Louis XIV, the king of France, as well as King Charles II of England, loved to wear blush and lipstick. Carmine and grease were common ingredients found in the lipstick of the 17th century.
King Louis XIV
Men and women everywhere were heavily wearing lipstick and taking inspiration from the theatre and the king. It was common to see a man with a full beard walking down the street sporting a cherry pucker.

England, 1700s
Made from beeswax and red colored plants, only the upper class women (and male actors) wore it which made it quite the status symbol. A change came for the worse when a new law passed in 1770 that prohibited women to wear make-up before their wedding day, else the ceremony be annulled.

France, 1884
Perfume makers in Paris made and distributed the first commercial lipstick. The lipstick was made from deer fat, castor oil and beeswax and wrapped in silk paper. By the 1890’s lipstick was being used in the feminist rebellion as a symbol of non-conformity and control.

Connecticut, 1915
Maurice Levy invents the first modern lipstick in a metal case that resembled a bullet. Before this, application was messy and lipstick couldn’t be carried in the purse.

Tennessee, 1923
The first tube was made that swiveled up when you twisted the bottom. During the 20s lipstick was chiefly worn by flappers and symbolized independence.

USA, 1930s
Elizabeth Arden inspired companies to start making different shades of lipstick. At the same time, red lipstick came to be known as the symbol of being a woman in tune with her sexuality. Still not completely mainstream, a study in 1937 found that half of teenagers fought with their parents about wearing lipstick.
An original lipstick advertisement for Guerlain lipstick in 1937
USA, 1940s
Teen girls were pressured to refrain from wearing any make-up in the 40s. They were told that men preferred a natural look, and that lipstick is meant for prostitutes. Are you sensing a theme here?

Marilyn Monroe made her mark on the world of beauty as the blond bombshell with bold red lips. Deep red hues become more popular, and it was common to use a lip liner to extend the border of your lips. The goal was to create a soft and feminine look while accentuating voluptuous lips.

 After the 50s, red lipstick became accepted in mainstream culture (wavering slightly in the sixties as white and light pink lipsticks were all the rage).

1970s to today
The scarlet pout remains a symbol of confidence and adulthood. There is something about wearing a red lip that that is so natural and empowering. Each woman should have a shade that goes perfectly with her skin, and makes her feel feminine and beautiful. My favorite is Bali by Glo-minerals. It represents so many things, but the most important is the history behind it. Think about it, wearing red lipstick no longer says anything about your profession (whatever that may be).


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Face Of The Day: Halloween Dress Up

Hey Everyone, 
last night I was out and about for a Halloween party with some lovely people. So I thought I would share my FOTD with you.

I wanted to go as something cute but easy to do. I searched the internet and found Miss Budget Beauty's 'Easy Cat Tutorial' (which I have linked below).
I used eyeliner to create the cat flick eyes, as well as the black (wonky) nose, and lined my lips to give them the look of a cat pout. The rest of the outfit was pretty simple...I wore a dress from Vera Moda with my leather jacket, boots, and some cat ears I found in the kids section of Penneys. I had been searching for hours for cat ears but everywhere had sold out then I stumbled across these. They were bright pink but after a bit of fun with a sharpie I got them to a little less of a sparkly state.

What did you dress as this Halloween?
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