Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss 130 Take A Chance

Hey Everyone, 
I just wanted to share with a really pretty lip gloss that was my favourite over the holiday season, Its Rimmel's Vinyl Gloss in shade 130 Take A Chance!
This Gloss is an amazing Pale nude pink with a gold shimmer, making it the perfect gloss to layer over a nude or pink lipstick to it an extra WOW quality! Its fairly transparent which means the gloss its self doesn't give a lot of colour pay off except for that delicate gold shimmer, meaning your not going to end of with a thick fake Barbie looking lip!

The formula is quite loose and thin meaning its not overly sticky like a lot of glosses, which normally puts me off wearing them. It also has a doe foot applicator which I way prefer to brush applicators (as I thick its harder to over do gloss when you your using this kind of sponge like application), I think it gives a nicer finish than a brush which can look streaky! 
So if your looking for something with a bit of shimmer that can be used on bare lips for a natural enchantment, and touch of shine, or layered over your favourite lipstick to add something a bit special this is perfect! I picked mine up from boots for around €6 not bad for a great product!

What do you think of Rimmel lip glosses?


  1. ooh that is pretty, i found a few of these in poundland recently!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. hmmmm must give it a shot


    1. It's really pretty! They do a great range of colours 2! :)


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