Friday, 1 February 2013

January Favourites: Non-Beauty

Hey Everyone, 
So I'm continuing on from yesterday with the last of my January favourites...
This time its Non-Beauty favourites:
1. Book-The Things We Do For Love, Roisin Meaney:
I have really got back into reading this past year and I love a great story, this particular one I have loved! The fact that its written by an Irish author, set in Ireland makes it even more relevant. It is a great read involving multiple characters who effect the lives of each other through day to day interactions, their connections having a knock on effect in parts of their lives sometimes even without their knowledge! 

2. Chocolate Muffins:
Now this might seem like a strange one, but I really love food and recently have been craving chocolate muffins! I love to make my own but when I can't BB's coffee make some pretty dam tasty muffins!

3. Book- Bobbi Brown, Makeup Manual:
I got this just after Christmas with some vouchers,  it is a really great book filled with amazing photographs and tips! I would highly recommend this to beauty fanatics or beginners!

4. Website- Not on the Highstreet:
A recent discovery of mine, which I found while browsing online. I have to say I'm in love with this website, it is filled with unique crafty gifts for anyone and everyone! I just can't get enough of it... (

Don't forget to check out my other January Favourites:

What have been your Non-Beauty Favourites this month?


  1. wow. this is cute :) even I'm a big muffin hogger. hhehehe

  2. I have the bobbie brown makeup manual its a good book :)

    1. it really is! love the photographs as well! :) x

  3. Love not on the highstreet, its filled with gems!


  4. Mmm chocolate muffins are always yummy, and oooh 'Not on the Highstreet' is great! xx

    1. lol definitely agree its never not right to have a chocolate muffin! :) x


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