Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Day Series: DIY Chocolates

Hey Everyone,
If your looking for a last minute valentines gift for a loved one this is a great idea, something that's quick easy and homemade! I would of liked to make heart chocolates, I went to Ikea but their heart ice cube trays had sold out. Instead I got the star tray which are still nice (and slightly less girly I suppose)! 
What you will need:
1. Chocolate (of your choice)
2. Any filling (Raisins, fruit, honeycomb etc...)
3. Bain-Marie (Bowl on top of a sauce pan of hot water)
4. Mixing spoon
5. Silicon Ice cube tray (Ikea do great shaped ones)
6. Container and decoration

Follow these instructions to make your own chocolates:
Step 1:
 Melt your chosen chocolate in a bowl over hot water (be super careful use a bowl suitable for this... that can take the heat, and if your young get an adult to help!)
Step 2:
 Add in any extras like fruits or a great idea is a mashed up crunchie bar! (I'm folding in a milk chocolate to get a marbled effect!)
Step 3: 
Pour into mold (I'm using a silicone ice cube tray) You may need to repeat the process if you have excess chocolate but only have one set of molds!
Step 4:
 Leave to fully cool and set in the fridge
Step 5:
 Once cooled you can pop the chocolates out and put into a container
Step 6:
 Decorate- (If your wrapping in clingfilm something simple like a ribbon looks pretty!)
I'm putting mine into a jar, covering lid with fabric and then tying on a ribbon!

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Finished and Ready to enjoy! What do you think of the homemade chocolates?


  1. This is so cute, I need to try these!

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

    1. They were tasty too!
      I'll definitely check out the giveaway! :) x

  2. So cute! I have a heart shaped tray so I may try this! xo

    1. Lucky you I went to Ikea twice and they were still sold out! Let me no if you try it! :) x


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