Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentines Day Series: DIY Key To My Heart Necklace

Hey Everyone,
Today's post is the next in my valentines series...and it is another DIY! This time my DIY addiction has taken me into jewelry making, and this post should show you how to make a cute necklace from some nail varnishes and an old key!
What you will Need:
1. An Old Key (obviously one you don't use!)
2. A Ribbon Or Chain
3. Nail Varnish Colours Of Your Choice, Or Paint 
4. Clear Top Coat 
Follow these steps to make your own key necklace:
Step 1:
Find an old key (obviously one that you don't use anymore!) and give it a quick clean with washing up liquid to remove any residue  
Step 2:
Put down some tissue or newspaper to protect the table, then begin to paint your key
Step 3: 
If your creating an Ombre key like mine use a clear nail varnish to blend or water if your  using paint 
 Step 4:
Complete first coat and hang to dry! (You are probably going to have to do a couple of coats to get the key looking like enamel)
  Step 5: 
Layer up as many coats as you need but don't forget to blend if your creating an ombre effect, and leave the key to dry properly to stop any smudging!
Step 6: 
Once dry apply one top clear coat to seal all the colours, once dry you can hang your key on a chain or ribbon of your choice!
You could do any colours, keeping it classically valentines themed with pink/red, creating patterns or heart, or even using glitter!

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What do you think of the DIY Key To My Heart Necklace?


  1. To be honest I'd wear that ... not because it's Valentines....but it's rather cute X

    It could be a great present for a friend. I love that it can be any colours you want it to be!! Great post!

  2. I wish we had that style of key here as this is such a cute idea!

    1. You could do it on any key! Should still look cool! :) x


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