Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentines Day Series: DIY Personalised T-shirt

Hey Everyone, 
today's post is how to make a cute personalized T-shirt. It is something a little different that adds an extra personal touch to a gift this valentines! 
What you will need:
1. A plain T-shirt (I used my sweatshirt that I got in the H&M sale)
2. Your own design
3. T-shirt Transfer Paper (I got mine from Amazon) 
4. Iron
5. Printer
6. Scissors

Follow these easy steps to create your own T-shirt:
1. Create a Design for your T-shirt
2. Then put it into Word or another programme which will enable you to print your design on A4
3. Select print properties and ensure your printing in best quality, and mirror image (you need the design to print back to front so that it is the right way around on the T-shirt)
4. Print your design
 5. Cut out your design
6. Iron your t-shirt to get rid of creases and warm the fabric
 7. Place your design onto the t-shirt where you would like it to sit
8. Iron on, use a warm iron, and press down firmly (If your young get an adult to do this for you)
9. Leave to cool and then peel off! 

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What do you think of my DIY T-shirt? 


  1. Personalized T-shirt printing is such a creative gift to give to your loved ones. This is actually what I did this Valentine’s Day. I made T-shirts for my family. I stenciled a short note inside the heart about how much I love them. The print on the T-shirt came out perfectly! Your design here is so cute. Thanks for this tutorial. It’ll be helpful for people who want to make customized T-shirt prints.

    >Lissette Monroe

    1. Thats so lovely that you did that for your family! A stencil is another great way of putting a design on a T-shirt!
      :) x

  2. DIY personalised T-shirt printing at its best! :) Good work on that and thank you for sharing.

  3. You have done really great and I love the thing most is "Take A Chance?" I remember I printed this line on one of my fav t shirt from http://garmentprinting.com.au in 2015 and now its 2017 great....

  4. Beautiful work has been done with a very simple way cheers! and keep it up

  5. Beautiful work with a very simple way of cheering has been done! And keep up with it....biscuitdigital.co.uk


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