Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentines Day Series: Gift Guide For Men

Hey Everyone, 
today's post is a gift guide to help out the ladies this valentines! In my opinion men appreciate it when a woman realises that most men aren't into the whole hearts and flowers aspect of valentines, so this gift guide is to help you out with some manly alternatives! 
1. A Great Fragrance:
An easy but a goody, is a great fragrance! It doesn't take much to just pick up a bottle, and you can pick a smell you love. This Giorgio Armani Eau de Toilette is a perfect pick and one of my favourite scents, it is also available in Boots (HERE!)

2. A Geeky T:
Qwertee offer a range of geek friendly T-shirts, and the best bit about it is a new top comes out every day you then have a day to purchase it before the next one goes on sale! So you have to check back everyday to find one for you! (HERE!)

3. The Beer Lover:
Personalized beer bottles are a great idea for men, it also means you can still give them a gift that they will love avoiding hearts and flowers. There are plenty of labels to choose from... you can then personalize with your own wording and even add images, before selecting the beer you want! (HERE!)

4. For the Wine Connoisseur:
A gadget is always a great idea especially if it means stopping you from stealing all the wine! (HERE!)

5. The Chef:
Naked men and women aprons are so last year LOL! This is a definite must have for the BBQ addict! (HERE!)

6. Activity Day:
I think the best gift is something you can do together, whether its just a night in with a take away and DVD or going out for the day! I don't think you can really go wrong with something to do with driving (unless he can't actually drive that is)! This rally day is something most men would be happy with (HERE!)

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What would you add to this gift guide?


  1. My boyfriend likes practical gifts so I bought him long underwear haha.

    1. hehe! lol very practical and your very organised too i've not got anything yet lol! :) x

  2. My husband's a gamer, so video games are high on his gift list.

    1. yer so many men love video games now! good idea! :) x

  3. The personalised beer bottles are great x

    1. yer there such a good idea, I think Heineken still do them as well! they definitely used to anyway! :) x


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