Sunday, 3 February 2013

Valentines Day Series: Introduction

Hey Everyone,
This post is just a quick introduction to my valentines series it will include lots of gift ideas, and DIY! Don't worry I won't be rambelling on about fluffy, cheesy, lovey dovey stuff just you wait and see! 

The posts will be starting tomorrow and ending on valentines day! You can check back here for links of posts as they go live, as well as at the bottom of each post in the series! 

...and don't forget you don't have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or be married to enjoy the day, just appreciating friends, family, and other loved ones can be just as nice!

Other Posts From My Valentines Series:

What do you think of valentines day?


  1. I love valentines day, I can't wait :) xx

  2. I love holiday themed stuff period! Excited to see what you post about :)

    1. Yay glad your excited! Thanks for comment hun! :) x

  3. Looking forward to this! I like valentine's day but stuck for ideas of what to get my boyf this year!
    Rosy x


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