Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentines Day Series: What Men Really Think

Hey Everyone, 
Today's post is a little different! I think valentines Day is a hard one for women you never really know what to do whether you have someone or not... does the other person feel the same? Do they really want to celebrate it? What do you get them? So I thought I'd ask some men what they really think. I spoke to five guys, three of them are single and two are in a relationship. They are all aged between 18-30 and here's what they had to say:

1. Are you- Single, In a Relationship, or Dating?
Guy 1: Single 
Guy 2: In a Relationship
Guy 3: Single
Guy 4: Single
Guy 5: I’m in a relationship

2. What do you think of Valentines Day?
Guy 1: Its good if your in a relationship if not, then its kind of pointless
Guy 2: I don't like it, I think you shouldn't need to be told a day to be told to love someone, it's just a way to make money 
Guy 3: It's become commercial, but there's no reason why you can't do something cheap and enjoy a nice day with your partner. It bugs me when people say 'we can be romantic any time' then never are- its like not giving gifts at Christmas. Why wouldn't you do it? It's nice, so why not take a chance to make someone happy? I know I would if I could! 
Guy 4: Pointless as a holiday, very commercialized. nice nevertheless.
Guy 5: For the most part I’m ambivalent about it but I like to do something for it as opposed to ignore it completely

3. Do you only celebrate for your partner?
Guy 2: Yer, I only celebrate it because I wouldn't want her to get upset if I didn't!
Guy 3: There's no question three here. I imagine this is about fake tan. Fake tan sucks. (I took out this question because he was not in a relationship, but put in the answer because thought it was funny!) 
Guy 5: Because I have a partner, Yes. If I wasn't in a relationship it would be just another evening.

4. What do you think is the best gift for a girl on Valentines Day?
Guy 1: Something simple like a night at a restaurant and a rose
Guy 2: I think the commercial stuff is crap, just chocolates and flowers. but again why on that day
Guy 3: I think a token is really all you need, just showing you care and spending time with her. Save the big guns for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or any other time where it would seem appropriate.
Guy 4: Traditional things, flowers, a meal etc. nothing pricey or fancy
Guy 5: Flowers, a card and out for dinner; traditional and classic.

5. Have you ever given an anonymous Valentine? Would you? 
Guy 1: Nope, and yes I would but don't really know how to go about doing so
Guy 2: No I don't think so, I'd find that embarrassing
Guy 3: Not that I remember? I really don't think I would. The opportunity for both disappointment and embarrassment is far too high. I'd rather talk to the girl and see how I get on, see if I think I have a shot and ask her out if I think I do. 
Guy 4: I have, but that was in secondary school
Guy 5: Yes, I have.

6. What would be your ideal gift to receive on Valentines? 
Guy 1: A night out at a restaurant and cinema, or something fun like bowling
Guy 2: I would prefer just to spend time with my girlfriend, go for dinner, or something. Rather than a gift. I think it puts pressure on people especially if they don't have the money!
Guy 3: Anything really- chocolate is always welcome!! Knowing that someone cares and thought about you is the main thing. This valentines I'd just be happy to get an invite, a number or a peck on the cheek!!
Guy 4: Nothing if i'm being honest lol! like I say its a bit of a pointless holiday
Guy 5: wouldn't really expect to receive a gift. Just a card and that’s enough.
So that's what the guys think! What do you think of their responses? 


  1. Lol at the fake tan answer, my bf can relate to that guy. It was interesting to hear guys perspectives.

    1. lol I thought it was funny too! Thanks! :) x


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