Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Babyliss Volume Waves: How I Curl My Hair

Hey Everyone,
I recently posted my Valentines day FOTD (HERE!) where I had my hair in large curls. I created them using the Babyliss Volume waves tong and I thought I would review it for you as I think its an amazing hair tool! 
This was something I had wanted for a long time,as I love large natural looking curls. At Christmas I got a bit of money and I was finally able to purchase it.
It is a 38mm nano titanium ceramic coated barrel, the large barrel means bigger more natural looking curls! It plugs straight into the wall and its temperature can go up to 200°C, with 5 digital heat settings for all hair types. It also has a swivel cord so no more getting tangled up as your styling.
Styling is so easy I just section my hair as I would normally when curling and then holding the barrel downwards rap the hair around it. There is a clip attachment to grab the hair but I never I never use it. When its been in the tong long enough just pull the tong up releasing the curl. I then repeat, curling all the hair making sure I curl the front section away from the face (as it falls nicer that way). When I've completed each section I give it a quick spray with hairspray. I also like to mess around with the placement of the curls.
There are two ways in which I use the tongs:
1. Defined Curls:
Brush the hair beforehand then section and use the tongs as well as hairspray, then do not brush after curling to keep the definition.

2. Natural Bouncy Waves:
The same as 1 but when you've finished and the hair is cooled comb through with a wide toothed comb to take away some the hold from the hairspray, which softens the look creating a more natural curl, loosing some definition but leaving a great bouncy wave

This is definitely a great hair styling tool for anyone wanted to create amazing curls it is also reasonably priced. I got mine from Argos (HERE!)

What do you think of the babyliss curling tong?


  1. I've been so curious about this for a while, love the effect you've made with it, really suits you! I never actually thought to use hairspray as I go along, I crimp my hair every morning and just spray my entire head afterwards, but you may have just changed my entire routine for the better, thanks! xxx

    1. Ah thank you! Yer I section the hair into layers and then spray each layer as I go! I know it makes my curls hold better anyway as they tend to drop slightly if I wait till I've curled all the hair! :) x

  2. I have these tongs myself and i love to use them when i want a loose curl, theyre great for the price of them!
    New follower also :)
    Heres my blog if you fancy a look :)

    1. They really are good!
      Thanks so much I'll definitely look at your blog too! :) x

  3. Ohh the barrel of this is so large, perfect for bouncy curls. Your hair looks lovely! xo

    1. Yer I was looking for a large barrel curler for ages this is the biggest I could find! Thanks hun! :) x

  4. Your hair is so pretty, I definitely need to get my hands on this, sick of boring straight hair lol

    A little bit Unique


    1. Thanks hun! It's definitely the best curler I've used before! :) x

  5. Lovely curls, I'm rubbish at doing my hair!!

  6. Thanks hun! Ah I bet your not it just takes time! :) x


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