Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Bedroom: Before and After

Hey Everyone, 
Living in rented accommodation can be hard as you can’t redecorate in many cases like my own flat, I cannot paint or do anything cosmetic to the place so I have had to find other ways to make the flat my own and I have done this through staging. 
Staging is a temporary way of presenting e.g. in this instance I've used bits and pieces I have picked up to make the room look a bit more homely. You can find more information on home staging HERE!

Luckily the whole flat was pretty much just painted white which meant I could dress it how I wanted. As you can see the room was pretty bare but quite modern with the dark wood floors, mirrored wardrobe and light fittings. I also loved the floor to ceiling window and doors that lead to the balcony, which lets in so much light. 
My bedroom is really important to me as it’s the room where I relax and spend a lot of my time, It needs to be calm and cosy. As well as this storage was really important to me being a beauty blogger I have a lot of makeup and accessories which needed storage. I’m a bit of a neat freak and like everything to have its own home so storage is really important!


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For my colour scheme I knew I wanted to keep it simple with white and touches of turquoise/blue. MY bed is in the middle of the room and I kept the sheets white as it gives a  really fresh clean feeling. I recently started making a quilt, I was going to buy one but with money being tight at the minute they were all so expensive I thought seeing as I knew how I would make my own. (If you would like a post on it let me know!)
I store my makeup collection in white Helmer shelving unit which my TV also sits on top of it was €30 from Ikea, I love it because each type of product has its own draw. 
My jewelry is kept in two places… Necklaces are hung on my manikin which I picked up while studying fashion in college when someone was throwing it in the dump, I saved it. The rest of my jewelry is kept inside the shelving compartments of my wardrobe where I have Acrylic earring holders that I got in Homestore & More for around €5 each. As well as this, I have three small glass jars that hold rings and bracelets. The Wardrobe obviously holds my clothes and I like to hang most of them up because I find it easier to pick outfits when there in front of me. I love my Wardrobes as they are mirrored which not only makes the room appear bigger, but also when the curtains are open they mirror the balcony and the outside which lets in loads of natural light.
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On my bedside table I keep my everyday makeup in Muji acrylic storage which I would love to get more of in the future, as well as my current book of choice. Inside my bedside table I keep my hair styling tools. I have also picked up a few accessories over the past few months  to finish off the room... 
I got a white wooden heart which I hang on the door handle which I picked up in Penney's (€3), and two straw hearts which hang off each bedside lamp which I got in Next for around €3. I have a three wick candle that I also got from Penney's in the scent sea breeze (€4) which I love as its fresh and not to over powering, I also love the packaging and it picks up on the blue theme. 
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Do you use staging in your home?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Penney's/Primark, Boots and H&M Haul

Hey Everyone,
today's post is a haul. Its not the biggest because as I've been saying moneys tight at the minute. The haul is mainly from Penney's (Primark to the UK) but I did buy one thing in H&M. 

I picked up two home-wear bits from Penney's, the wooden heart was €3 I think its really cute and I'm going to hang it on my bedroom door. The candle in the scent Sea Breeze was €4 I really love the packaging of the candle and think it will look so pretty in my bedroom, also it smells amazing and fresh.
 I then went to the women's clothing section where I got this Khaki top in the sale for €1 bargain! I also got a hair doughnut as now its coming up to the summer I'm looking for different things to do with my hair, it was €1.50 so I thought why not!
I also picked up this pair of gold flat for €11 which I thought was a little bit expensive for Penney's but I needed some flats, as I can't keep wearing boots all summer! I got this yellow Blouse from H&M for €15 I'm in love with yellow at the moment and I love my sheer blouses so I just had to have it!
Lastly I went into Boots, I needed to get some serum and eye cream and thought I could use my boots points to buy one of them. Unfortunately I was a euro away from what I needed to get the eye cream so it will have to wait till next time! 

Have you brought anything recently?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Bikini's and Swimwear For Different Body Types

Hey Everyone, 
it's coming up to holiday season and everyone wants the perfect bikini to lounge by the pool in. So I've come up with my guide to the perfect swimwear for different body types...

Smaller Bust
Your lucky as you can pretty much wear anything. If your looking to give the appearance of a bigger bust wearing frills and detailed bikinis can help to add curves. Also in recent years padded swimwear has become really popular, and there's plenty out there designed to maximise cleavage.

Larger Bust
You can also wear anything its personal choice really so wear what your comfortable in. If your looking for supportive swimwear there are now plenty available with under-wire. There's always the halterneck option, and if you find one with larger straps it will be more supportive. However swimwear with a clasp is always better than tie ups because we all know jumping in the pool can create disasters with bikinis that have a habit of coming undone.

Fuller Figure
People always believe that swimwear for the fuller is unfashionable, well not any more there are so many options for fuller figures. Firstly Tankini's are amazing for fuller figures as they are still a two piece which breaks up the figure and also covers the tummy. Also if you can find one with ruching, pleating or twisted fabric this can really help slim a tummy as the fabric skims over it. 
One pieces are back in and they don't have to be boring or mummy like there's loads, but try to stay away from large patterns unless paneled as they just highlight everything you don't want them too. Panels are great for breaking up the figure. Don't forget that like control underwear which has become popular in recent years so has control/Slimming swimwear. Lastly why should you miss out if you want a two piece/ bikini high-waisted bottoms are huge this season and they can help to hold in a tummy and slim it down.

Slimmer Figure
Bikinis, one piece, tankini's you can wear whatever you want adding pattern adds drama and the appearance of curves but remember pattern draws the eye in, so a broken pattern in the right places is better than an all over pattern. If you've got the confidence you could also wear any types of cut out swimwear which has been popular for the past few years. Lastly swimwear with frills can add the illusion of curves so if you want your hips to appear curvier wear a frill around the middle.

So What Do You Think?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Covergirl Exact Eyelights Mascara in Black Ruby

Hey Everyone,
today’s post is a review of Covergirls Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara that comes in four different colours to enhances the colour of your eyes.
-Black Ruby  for Green Eyes
-Black Gold for Hazel Eyes
-Black Pearl for Brown Eyes
-and Black Sapphire for Blue Eyes
 Unfortunately we don’t have Covergirl here in Ireland, but like the previous product I reviewed a friend picked it up in the US for me a few months ago. I had previously tried this product in Ruby Gold (for hazel eyes) however in the summer months my eyes are more green, so I decided to give this one a whirl.
This mascara works as within the product are little speckles of colour which act as a counter balance to make your eyes appear brighter and enhance the colour (in this instance green). Of course this is only going to have the desired effect if you already have for example green in your eyes. For Instance If I wore the Exact Eyelights for blue eyes my eyes are not suddenly going to appear blue.
Covergirl states that this mascara has a “patented No Clump brush technology” which I would have to agree with, having said that the formulation in my opinion doesn't really do anything... so if your looking for volume or lengthening this probably isn't for you. I usually apply my mascara of choice first to add length, then apply the Exact Eyelights on top. The formulation doesn't really bother be because that’s not what I brought this for, I wanted this because I honestly do think it brings out the green in my eyes.

This particular colour (Black Ruby) I had not tried before but I have found that it does differ from the gold. Whereas the gold was a black mascara with particles of gold within it, this ruby is more of a deep brown ruby colour.
Overall I still like this product for what it does to my eyes it definitely enhances the colour, and I still might re purchase in the future even though the formulation isn't what I would usually go for in a mascara!

Have you tried any Covergirl mascara's? 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Weekend In Pictures

Hey Everyone, 
Today I thought I'd share with you a few pictures of what I've been up to this weekend. Nothing really has been going on but I have been working on a project...
Gino's Amazing Pistachio Ice Cream/ My Project At The Moment A Chevron Quilt/ Hannah Coke Even Though I'm Not Really A Fan/ Waffles With Warm Nutella Sauce And Cookie Dough Ice Cream A Treat While Watching Eurovision/ Pretty Yellow Tulips To Brighten Up The Lounge/ Fluffy White Lamb I Found In Tesco That Reminded Me Of My Cousin/

What have you been up to this weekend? Does anyone else find that certain animals remind you of people you know? 

Friday, 17 May 2013

30 Before 30- Places and Countries to Visit

Hey Everyone, 
So with my birthday fast approaching (where did that year go?). I got thinking about what I had done and where I had been so far, and to be quite honest I came to the conclusion that I really hadn't been to that many places! Which led me to make this list "30 Before 30" 30 Places whether city's or countries that I would like to visit before I'm 30. I'm not counting any of the UK or Ireland for obvious reasons.

1. Rome Image Source 
2. Florence Image Source 
3. Venice Image Source 
4. Sorrento/Naples Image Source 
5. Paris France(I was last in Paris when I was 5 -I would like to go again now I'm older) Image Source 
6. South of France Image Source 
7. Greece Image Source 
8. Croatia Image Source 
9. Prague Image Source 
10. Australia Image Source 
11. New York Image Source 
12. Route 66 -I would love to drive Route 66 Image Source
13. Switzerland Image Source 
14. New Zealand Image Source 
15. Spain-Barcelona (I have been twice now and still haven't seen everything) Image Source 
16. Spain Sitges (When I was about 13 I was in a musical that went on tour and our hotel was here) Image Source
17. Belgium (Visited for a day history trip when I was in School, Would love to go and actually see more) Image Source 
18. Germany (I stopped here for a few hours on my way to Austria I would love to visit properlyImage Source 
19. Canada Toronto When I was around 5 and I'd also like to go again, The cleanest and friendly place I've ever visited.  Image Source 
20. Portugal Algarve (For my 21st and it was amazing!) Image Source 
21. Austria (A few times as its where I did my skiing) Image Source 
22. Iceland Image Source 
23. Greenland Image Source 
24. Norway Image Source 
25. Maldives Image Source 
26. Turkey Image Source 
27. Sweden Image Source 
28. Malta Image Source 
29. Latvia Image Source 
30. Canada the Rockies Image Source 

Have you got any suggestions of places I should visit? What would be on your list? 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain - Charm

Hey Everyone,
Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain (could they not have come up with a shorter name!) has been a huge hit with beauty lovers everywhere for the past year. Recently a friend of mine was going to America so I asked him to pick me up one in the colour 'Charm'. The shade is not available here or in the UK, and of course it was cheaper. I had researched the Just Bitten Balm Stains before hand and discovered that yet again we're getting different colours to the US, why is this? Its so frustrating! 
Luckily I managed to get my hands on it, but when it runs out I'm going to be devastated because the colour is AMAZING! 
It is orange pink and shimmery peachy toned, which is very natural and pretty. The product goes on like a balm although pretty quickly dries to the stain finish, (but it doesn't feel drying). It does leave behind the colour but only for a small while. I find I have to re-apply every half an hour or so, but for the colour is produces I'd happily re-apply all day. I'm not sure if its because the colour isn't as strong (light/pale), bolder colours might be longer lasting because of a higher stain colour ...this is something I'd be interested to find out! 

What's also great about this product is that it is in the style of a crayon, making it really easy to apply... no mirror necessary. As well as this there is no need to run around trying to find a sharpener when its blunt as it is a twist up crayon. 
I have had mine for a couple of months now and in the last couple of weeks have been wearing it pretty much everyday, it still hasn't really worn down  and I haven't had to twist anymore up yet. So it should definitely last me a while! One thing that can't go unmentioned is the amazing smell of this product its super minty and I love it! 
I love the packaging, its just simple no frills. Also the outside is the colour of the lip product which I always find really useful when your quickly looking to find a particular colour. One thing that is not great about the packaging is that the writing has started to come off the packaging now which I find really annoying.

The only downside to this product is that I find you have to have well moisturised lips otherwise it does have a tendency to cling to dry parts and highlight them, again that could just be the shade. 

Have you tried any of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Huge Wishlist: My Birthday Is On Its Way!

Hey Everyone,
today's post is a huge wishlist! Its my birthday next month so I thought I'd do a bit of a wishlist to cheer myself up, to help forget about the age... Anyways the reason the wishlist is so big is manly because I haven't been able to spend in the last year, so a lot of wishlists have built up. What I've missed most though is being able to buy clothing, especially at this time of year!

10. Apron

Whats on your wishlist?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Steal Her Style: New Girl Zooey Deschanel

Hey Everyone,
time for a fashion post today I think! As well as having a totally style crush on Zooey Deschanel, New Girl has got to be one of the best comedy sitcoms released in the last few years... So  I thought I'd do a post finding High-street/Online alternative to some of Jessica Day's most popular outfits:

Who is your style crush?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Pinterest: My Dream To Own A Bakery

Hey Everyone,
As some of you might know its a dream of mine to one day (maybe when I retire) open my own bakery! I'm in love with the idea, I enjoy baking so much and I think it would be a lovely semi retirement!  
Recently as you know I've been glued to Pinterest... and have been pinning so many cakes and food (I think I've become obsessed lol). So, I thought I would share a few of my recent pins with you:

You can follow me on Pinterest HERE!

Has this made you as hungry as I now am? What is your favourite treat to get in a bakery?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Skincare Routine: Tips and Tricks

Hey Everyone,
today's post is a continuation of the recent skincare posts (My Skincare Routine: Day, and My Skincare Routine: Evening) this time its on tips and tricks I've picked up over the years to keep my skin in the best condition possible!

1. Don't use loads of products/keep trialing lots:
Find a routine that suits you and stick to it! Its the best way to keep your skin happy, obviously you can try and change up every now and again, but keep messing around and mixing up and your skin is just bound to get irritated!
2. Moisturiser is key! 
You don't have to spend crazy money to get a good one but you do get what you pay for a lot of the time!
3. Try not use face wipes:
They are not good for your skin... They are full of alcohol which will dry it out, as well as not being great for those that are prone to breakouts!
4. Skincare Storage:
I like to keep everything (all my skincare) in the same place, because I know I'll do the whole routine if its together! Rather than if I know my moisturisers by my bed but my cleansers in the bathroom I'm more likely to miss the cleanser out and just hop into bed and moisturise... However if your bathroom has problems with damp I would suggest keeping it all together in another place just to make sure everything is kept as clean and as fresh as possible!
5. Don't over exfoliate:
It can damage your skin! Get to know your skin and find one that suits you weather its a muslin cloth or a Exfoliater!
6. Find out what skin type you have:
If you don't know and adapt your skincare to it! There's plenty on the market that even have skin types written on them for who there aimed at!
7. Treat yourself! 
If you have a spare 5 minutes one weekend why not try out a face mask! Get one for what your skin needs that day... been out all weekend go for a hydrating or radiance mask!
8. It can take your skin a month or so to adapt to a new skincare routine:
So don't give up! (also it can get worse before it gets better there's a barrier to break so keep at it) try it for a while if your skins still irritated then mix it up, and change what you think isn't working!

What Tips and Tricks have you learnt over the years?

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Skincare Routine: Evening

Hey Everyone,
this is the second part of my posts on skincare you can see my 'Skincare Routine: Day' HERE! 
My skin type is sensitive combination, I have sensitive skin which means I have to be careful about what I put on it. As well as this I have combination skin which means I have dry patches as well as oily, and I am prone to break outs and hormonal acne! 

I only picked this up a couple of weeks ago and I already can see a dramatic difference in my skin! It looks brighter clearer and more healthy. I use this in the evening, by rubbing it into my dry face, massaging it in and then using a muslin cloth (which I wet with warm water) to polish away the makeup and product! This is great for sensitive skin and gentle enough to remove eye makeup and mascara. I don't use the muslin cloth every night as I try not to over exfoliate, instead some nights I wash it away rather than polishing my skin.
I only recently started using toner and I can honestly say I don't know why I haven't been using it all along! I close my eyes and spritz this all over my face, then wiping it away with a cotton pad. I especially love that you wipe this away (people who are not a fan of toners because of alcohol content) this means the alcohol isn't sitting on your face, but it still gives the benefits of a toner and takes away any last residues of cleanser.
Tip: Putting this in the fridge gives a cooling effect, and is perfect in the morning and summer to awaken the skin!
As I said in my 'Skincare Routine: Day' I  have started to get into anti aging now and that called for an eye cream! I particulary love this one as it isn't too thick, but is really moisturising on the eye area! Its also very affordable!
3. Spot Treatment: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
This is my favourite spot treatment, I apply this morning and evening before moisturising.  You can apply it all over the face but because I have combination skin (some areas are dry) I like to just apply it to my acne prone areas! This is great for prevention, as well as a spot treatment. Find out more about what I use to keep my skin clear HERE!
Again this comes into my new anti aging kick... I use a serum before applying moisturiser to gain the full benefits of the moisturiser, and to help keep my skin healthy and hydrated! I don't yet have the full size of this as I have been using samples, but I will definiately be purchasing it very soon. It is a product I now can't do without!
4. Moisturise: Oilatum Natural Repair
My favourite night time moisturiser is Oilatum. This cream is a little to thick of use during the day, so I apply it before bed and when I wake up in the morning my skin is hydrated and brighter! Because I have combiniation skin I sometimes have very dry patches, and although this is a little to heavy for day wear it really helps with this problem when applied at night.

Once a week I apply this REN mask which also acts as an exfoliator, it has really improved my compelexion and smoothed my skin.

Once a week (if needed) I also exfoliate using this REN face polish, the microbeads are small and delicate which prevents you from doing any damage to your skin whilst exfoliating! I try not to over exfoliate, as this can be drying and damaging for the skin. Also using cleanse and polish daily means I already gently exfoliate most days, I therefore only use this when needed!

Do you use any of these products? What is your favourite Evening skincare product?

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